To contribute translations, editing-corrections and/or original material for publication, such as updates from the streets, reportbacks from actions, responsibility claims, texts of imprisoned or persecuted comrades, calls, brochures, opinion articles, etc.: contrainfo(at)


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Porto Rafti, Attica: Slogans painted in solidarity with the chaotic Nikos Romanos

Nikos Romanos is our brother, an insurgent in prison, our comrade in the street

Strength to hunger striker – since 10/11 – N.Romanos

Strength to Nikolaras [colloquial superlative] Romanos, on hunger strike since 10/11

Solidarity means attack | Hunger strike of Nikos Romanos – since 10/11

Hunger strike until freedom | Explosives and fire to all prison cells

while totalitarianism of the State and the bosses advances/ while the petty bourgeoisie advances/ while reformism advances with parliamentary or extra-parliamentary masks, the comrade puts his body as a barricade keeping the passion for freedom and the fire toward revolution undimmed/ we neither forget nor forgive/ if the comrade is not vindicated, we will take all actions necessary with or without the society/ love, strength, knowingness; Nikolaras, we’re with you


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