World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week 2013

[Italy] Call for decentralized mobilization against vivisection

From 20 to 28 April 2013 the annual World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week will be held. Since this is not merely a symbolic occasion to be filled with large peaceful marches, we make a direct action call, decentralized and diffused against the vivisection industry and its officers in white overalls.

We know very well that demonstrations of thousands of people who march peacefully, petitions and requests for application of laws do not disturb in the least the dreams of those who every day, in the laboratories of research centers, universities, hospitals, chemical-pharmaceutical companies, perform vivisection on millions of living animals of each species by subjecting them to the worst thinkable tortures. All this in the name of an alleged ‘progress’ that does nothing but poisons even more this planet and the lives of its very inhabitants, and that only serves to satisfy the profit thirst of the governments, the techno-scientific elite and the businesses related to it.

As someone once wisely said, whoever kills the planet has a name and address. Banners, painted slogans, surprise intervention at their offices, night-time or improvised gatherings at the houses of vivisectors and in front of their research centers, up to direct actions of any kind against their property, there are many ideas that come to mind; let’s give free rein to the imagination… May the fear change sides for once!