Athens: Update on CCF comrades from Koridallos men’s prison

Today, January 20th, 2014, 6 comrades of the Conspiracy* were called to appear before the prison prosecutor, who imposed disciplinary sanction against them after prisoners from the 4th wing released a text which pointed them** out as culpable for the beating of another inmate, as she told them, and after the prison staff reported the incident. The penalty amounts to one year of disciplinary sanction for obstructing and immobilizing a prison guard, and thirty prison points for beating another inmate. There is likely to be criminal continuation of the case. For whatever comes up, we will let you know.

People in solidarity with the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

Translators Notes:
* The title of this post as well as all links are ours.
** To our knowledge, the ten prisoners did not explicitly name 6 comrades, as shown here.