German prisons: June 11th statement by Thomas Meyer-Falk

Fighting back: every day!

When I look back on the day of my arrest 20 years ago, I wasn’t imagining what I would have to experience during the next decades of my life.

The first decade they kept me in solitary confinement; since 2007 I’m in population. But I don’t know if or when I’ll get free, because there’s an old law from 1933. Passed by the Nazis on 24 November 1933 – the P.D. law (preventative detention), which allows the state to keep someone in prison for life, without giving him a life sentence. In their theory the P.D. isn’t a sentence – but the P.D. units are still inside regular prisons, inmates living in cells, bars are still at their windows, they’re going into the prison yard and being supervised by prison staff.

What is P.D. for? What are prisons for? Prisons are necrophilic places. There are living people who often have necrophilic attitudes, and there are working people who have necrophilic attitude as well. P.D. and prisons are made for a necrophilic society, for people who often have necrophilic attitudes, and these places are still made by people who have necrophilic attitudes.

A biophilic attitude is the one we’re still fighting for and which is fulfilling our hearts.

Biophilia is the passionate love of and for life and all which is alive. It is the deepest desire to encourage the growth of humans, plants, an idea, or a social group. A biophilic person prefers to build something new instead of keeping the same old things. A biophilic person will be, instead of have, more.

The necrophilic character is attracted by everything which is dead (things, money…all these are ‘dead’), ill, moldering, and they try to transform everything which is alive into something which is dead. So they love laws, orders, discipline, more than liveliness, because they fear it.

So, every day, millions of inmates in the world’s dark, cold dungeons are getting tortured, separated from their loved ones and from the life outside the thick and high walls, based on modern or on old so-called “laws” of necrophile-capitalist societies.

It is necessary and indispensable to fight against this brutal system. It’s not a question that a lot of inmates have done really terrible acts – but they’re also ‘products’ of a necrophilic society. No one can learn to love life and freedom in necrophilic places, which prisons are!

Prisons have to be abolished! It will be a long road we have to walk together before we’ll live in a society without prisons. But we have to fight for it. Day by day, month by month, year by year.

Let me add something about my own current situation, because comrades asked me what they can do to help me. It is important that no inmate gets forgotten! Support them, write them postcards and letters, collect money. But the work shouldn’t end in supporting individuals. Because of the millions of inmates, no one can help all of them – the strategic struggle against prisons and the prison-society needs more than individual support.

Thank all of you for your attention, for your good will and your support!

No state! No prison! No borders!

Thomas Meyer-Falk
long-term inmate (since 1996)

in Greek