Tampere, Finland: Soldiers of Odin clubhouse vandalized

Received May 25th along with the images:

The wannabe nazivigilante group Soldiers of Odin have a little bit of cleaning to do. The neonazi leader of the group Mika Ranta was just convicted of aggravated assault and assault. Ranta, who claims to “make our women safe”, was convicted of attacking a female bystanders who tried to protect the inoffensive victim Ranta attacked in the first place. Most of the leading members of SoO have been sentenced numerous times of assaults, drug crimes and even rape. Being fed up with their nazigibberish we decided to visit their clubhouse in Tampere at the address Käyräkuja 30, Tampere.

In Tampere SoO has been relatively inactive and when visiting their clubhouse we noticed why! What a mess! Naziflags were standing side by side with whitepride symbols, nationalist flags and matchboxes from the True Finn Party. As the owner of premises was reluctant to kick out the nazis we left a note in the walls, windows, doors, tables, couches and well, everywhere to remind of what happens if you rent to nazis.

The premises are rented in the name of Ville Kuusinen, who just happens to be the vice-co of a local chapter of the neofascist organisation Suomen Sisu. Suomen Sisu has numerous MP’s in the finnish parliament on the list of the True Finn party. As it happens, all wp-nazis, nazivigilantes, neofascists and “nationalists” always seem to come together.

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