Scotland: ATMs sabotaged in the wider area of Edinburgh [updated]

Scotland, Edinburgh, 22/12/2015:

At night of the 22/12 I sabotaged 3 ATMs in the wider area of Edinburgh. I used polyurethane foam to block all entrances and exits. This material expands and becomes solid after some time. In this way I attack the walls of my civilized existence. Wildness doesn’t exist in the ghost of Nature. The only thing that exists in something idealistic as this is the alienation of the civilized. Wildness doesn’t have a face, it manifests by the breaching of systematization. The attack doesn’t become effective when we confine ourselves in rigid binaries. The separation Nature – Civilization is evenly civilized. The intangible civilization is even more underhanded than the material one. When anti-civilization is seen only as insurrection against technology and defense of the sacred Nature then it is myopic and a product of societal alienation and not conscious choice.

This sabotage is the externalization of misanthropic feelings. Directed at those that will find in the morning a freezing of their normality even for a few hours and they will judge the perpetrator. The mass is putrid and maybe even more repugnant than those who dominate now, because either they complain cause their ghost of Justice is not satisfied or they just have become automatons of society. Through the mass the master exists, there is no other way. So in this context, with those who are on side of the oppressed I have nothing to say. With everybody else whichever their approach might be, if they haven’t been consumed by a new morality or other chains of the ego, I might have to say enough.

This sabotage is against society and the chains of intangible civilization. Against the ethos of prescribing of speech and action of either a way of thinking of internalization or compulsory rigid internationalization and homogenized purposes of some who make the chains of their culture ideology. The most important part of civilization is its pillars which are no other than the things that have been inscribed in each one of us. To oppose whichever dominant civilization with another still maintains remnants of society. Culture follows its own morals, customs and traditions. It is essentially opposed to the individuality. Individualities are not those who are bound with ideas, but only with their egos. The ego is the only essence that can oppose state, society and civilization. Its diversity is infinite. It has no sacred, no master, no morality. It is the first step towards the complete destruction of the existent.

Actions unfortunately do not speak on their own and the perception needs to be deep like each ones abyss. I know that with this action of mine I don’t change anything that I hate but I change things inside me. It is the outburst inside my own abyss and the responsibility claim inside isolation. Inside the insignificance of existence the only meaningful moments are these that an ego or conscious individualities create for themselves. Anything else is a product for consumption. In my opinion those who consciously fight against the existent never need an excuse to seek coordination and act. They don’t wait for right times, or have the need of the remembrance of specific events to act. I greet the comrades Panagiotis Argyrou and Nikos Romanos who made the call for a Black December from Greece.

Heading towards nothing…

Cell of anarchist and nihilist conscience ”Falcon Of Chaos”