Koridallos prisons: A writing by CCF member Panagiotis Argirou on the occasion of the nearing end of the Phoenix Project trial


“Only in those moments when our tension for freedom encounters with praxis do we really manage to live anarchy, here and now. Unfortunately the dream we carry in our hearts is too great to avoid the risk of finding ourselves up against the monstrous wall of authority raised in defense of the state and capital. When we really put our life at stake, inevitably we end up confronting the hardness that’s inherent in the struggle: death and prison.”
Nicola Gai; anarchist comrade held prisoner in Italy, who has assumed responsibility for his participation in the attack claimed by Olga Cell of FAI-FRI (the shooting of Roberto Adinolfi, the chief executive of Ansaldo Nucleare)

Shortly before the end of the trial of the 4th consecutive case against the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, and against me personally as an anarchist who has assumed responsibility for his participation in the CCF, I’d like to say some things not to the court, but rather to all comrades whose action gave impetus and substance to the Phoenix Project.

For obvious reasons, all imprisoned members of the CCF saluted the comrades of Sole–Baleno Cell (a cell of sympraxis between Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and Consciousness Gangs), a gesture which initially cost us our prosecution for incitement [in Greek, moral instigation] to 4 Acts of the Phoenix Project: explosive attack on personal vehicle of the Koridallos prison director in Athens, explosive attack on personal vehicle of a chief warden serving at Nafplion prison, incendiary attack on a hotel unit in Indonesia, and parcel-bomb mailing to a former commander of the antiterrorist police unit in Athens.

The competent authorities realised in hindsight that the accusation of inciting the attack in Indonesia, claimed by Anger Unit/International Conspiracy for Revenge FAI/IRF, would never stand up in court, so the particular charges were dropped even before the stage of court proceedings.

However, as far as the other attacks are concerned, I am offended by the incitement charges brought against me, because as an anarchist I abhor hierarchical relationships of any level; on the other hand, these charges help me understand that domination feels threatened when anarchist guerillas, even from a position of captivity, seek to make their mark and connect with the struggle outside the prison walls by saluting the hostilities waged by their comrades. Domination feels threatened when it realises that the condition of incarceration is not nearly enough to crush the combative energy of anarchist prisoners. This alone is enough for entire indictments for incitement to attacks to be drafted. In no case, however, is it enough to break my morale and my will to connect myself with all comrades holding a combative position.

Therefore, on the occasion of the end of this trial, I’d like to salute afresh the beloved comrades that have set the Conspiracy of the Black International of anarchists of praxis in motion everywhere, all over the Earth, through all the attacks claimed as part of the Phoenix Project: from Chile to Russia, and from Germany to Indonesia.

Thus, instead of an apologia before the judges, I choose to send from inside my prison cell a flaming hug to all those who have opted to attack and who have armed Anarchy with fire and gunpowder.

Every single activity, every single action gave me strength and illuminated my heart with the flame of anarchist insurgency.

From the country of captivity, I felt every single comrade close to me who’ve undermined social normalcy in every possible way from the trenches of conspiratorial attack.

The momentum that manifested itself in the Phoenix Project has left a significant legacy that, studying its impact, made me realise the new prospects of struggle opened up for Anarchy when it overcomes borders and distances and chooses to clash frontally with domination on the basis of Informal Organisation.

It was one of those important elements that prompted me to contribute again to a fresh proposal for a new position in anarchist combat through the call for a Black December, a call I made jointly with anarchist comrade Nikos Romanos.

I believe the prospects that were opened up by the Phoenix Project, and the informal coordination of anarchist direct action internationally, can evolve into something more threatening to Power if they encounter with the rest of the range of anarchist practices, composing together a mosaic of anarchist polymorphous action worldwide that will constantly go against Power.

So all I have to say to your Justice is that morally, politically and values-wise I find myself with all my heart in every anarchist attack against domination. If you like you can charge me with inciting to the perpetual anarchist war against every form of Power, as I do charge you with inciting to every act of authoritarian barbarity signed in the name of Justice. Nothing could give me greater satisfaction than the joyous news that a bullet was nailed to your head as a reward for your miserable life.

Long live the Phoenix Project

Long live Black December

Long live the Informal Coordination of Anarchist Polymorphous Action across the world.

Panagiotis Argirou
member of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire FAI/IRF

[December 24th 2015]