International call for a Black December

Comrades coming from various geographies and different paths of struggle, yet having the same longing for the diffusion of anarchist offensive, support the call for a Black December published by brothers held in prisons of the Greek democracy.

We call for the revival of the black memory of our dead and all those who have fallen in the fight for freedom and anarchy.

We call for the activation of combative solidarity with comrades that experience incarceration because of their unyielding stance of confrontation with all forms of Power, as well as those who have assumed the difficult path of clandestinity.

We call for the cessation of the fragmentation of our efforts, which – from different trenches in the same war – are able to hit the enemy where it hurts the most.

From counter-information activities, to actions of propaganda by the deed, let’s make the most of this month and encounter each other, conspire, and synchronise our strengths in an informal, international and insurrectionary manner against the world of Power. Let’s seize the chance to highlight the points we have in common, but also our different perspectives, in a spirit of comradeship and mutual respect.

With the black memory of our dead accompanying our rebellious steps

Complicity and solidarity with imprisoned and fugitive comrades

War by all means possible against domination

Anarchists outside the walls for a Black December

Spanish, Greek, Italian, French, Portuguese, German, Turkish