Bolivia: News on the case of Henry Zegarrundo

It has been nearly three years since the repression of May 29, 2012, and the comrade Henry Zegarrundo still faces certain restrictions. He is under a kind of house arrest in which he is allowed to go out to perform certain personal activities, see his family, and work for a few pesos. Since he was imprisoned to this date he has had more than forty court dates, of which around thirty were called off – we’ve lost count.

Nevertheless, Power can change and manipulate everything at its whims, and it has been nearly two years since the judge ordered the prosecutors to present a charge, and if they did not do so in five days, the case would be considered dead (this warning was made in May 2013, after our comrade, having been imprisoned for a year, was released into full house arrest). Afterward, the judge retracted the threat and – as expected – demonstrated his bias towards his colleagues in the general prosecutor’s office.

Four months ago, a hearing was held to resolve the incident mentioned above. The defense succeeded in removing the prosecution from the case, but nevertheless the judge has not notified relevant parties that in the course of five days if the prosecutor does not appeal or present charges, the case related to the accusation for terrorism will be over (this notification ought to be prepared a few days after the hearing). As regards the other charge for attempted homicide, in which the complainant is the ex vice-minister of the environment, only one complaint has been presented since October 2011, as well as a report from the explosives unit in which even they could not explain what happened. Nonetheless, there isn’t a set-up in which attacks were made up; some cells attacked physical structures of the State/Capital between 2011 and 2012, but the power-mad state has invented evidence in its attempt to show its “omnipotence” and has succeeded in prompting individuals who supposedly struggle against the system of domination and patriarchy to snitch. In all this hubbub of “proof”, these statements by informants, as well as the allegations and the information from the infiltrators in the libertarian movement were used to make up the case, in which they have determined that there is an anarchist organization with international ties and international financing. They have even “criminalized” internationalist solidarity toward comrades kidnapped by other states and locally toward indigenous peoples and struggles.

During the process, there were many actions manipulated by Power. The word frame-up was sometimes used but not to speak from a victimized position, but one on the offensive, as a denouncement in order to share such experiences with other comrades, to help them confront the enemy and the disastrous means employed by power. To mention a few, there are strange things in the notes on the investigation: in the notes on the first raid they carried out on our comrade, there’s the name of a supposed neighbor who witnessed when they raided his parents’ home. This neighbor does not actually exist – they invented him. In the second raid, which took place in the comrade’s home while he was being held in a cell at the police station, they planted a calendar that did not belong to him, and when they confiscated his belongings they “found it” as if they were discovering “one more piece of proof” with which to accuse him.

The current situation of our comrade has not changed – except for the “substitute measures” that supposedly give him more “flexibility” – since for these slaves of Power he has not ceased to be a risk for their settled society.

Comrades in solidarity

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