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Canary Islands: Acts of sabotage and painted slogans in solidarity with the prisoners of Operation Pandora


In support of our anarchist and feminist compañeras detained recently as part of the so-called “Pandora case”, and making clear our revulsion at this murderous capitalist and heteropatriarchal system, on the 30th of December 2014 from the colony of the Canary Islands we carried out actions of sabotage against ATMs and painted some graffiti in solidarity with the accused.

In all honesty, the feeling of solidarity that we feel towards our compañeras is an unstoppable destructive force, capable of passing through the walls and reaching their libertarian hearts, today between the bars. We call to continue to fight and support each other, as these are the pillars of our anarchist struggle. That fire burns inside like outside of our bodies.

Neither guilty nor innocent!
“If I can’t dance on the head of a cop, it’s not my revolution!”
Health, Anarchy, and Death to the Heteropatriarchal State!

A.M.O.R. (Anarchist Faggots Organising Rage)

Translated from French, originally posted in Spanish

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