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Melbourne, Australia: Mural in memory of Mikhail Zhlobitsky

Received on 10/11/2018; for the case of Mikhail Zhlobitsky check here and here:Narrm / Melbourne so-called Australia: Graffiti mural in memory of 17 year old Russian Anarchist-Communist Mikhail Zhlobitsky who died while carrying out an explosive attack against the FSB (Federal Security Service) Regional Headquarters in Arkhangelsk, Russia on October 31st.

“Never Forget Our Fallen Comrades!”


Hamburg: Solidarity with G20-Prisoners

received on 05.08.17

On the website “Linksunten”, one can find a anonymous note that a car of a private security company  called “Personen-Objekt-Werkschutz GmbH” has been set on fire in the night of the 3rd of August.

Whoever posted this, whoever committed this act, didn`t have too much to say about this action, and this is good.

The burning of a car of these filthy private cops stands for itself. It is good news for all those who seek to attack this shitty system of exploitation and domination and, as it said in the post on the website, a warm and angry sign of solidarity to those held captive in the prisons of Hamburg, accused of having taken part in the revolt against the G20 summit in the beginning of July.

A few days before, anarchists painted signs of solidarity on roofs and walls around the city.

Tschaikowskyplatz “Freeedom for all G20 prisoners”
HAFENSTRAẞE”Freedom for all G20 prioners”

Let the fire of revolutionary solidarity spread, freedom for all!

More Info on the G20-prisoners

[Exarchia] Themistokleous 58 Squat: Graffiti in solidarity with the U$ prison struggle

Fire to the prison society

Strength to the fighting prisoners in the U$
From Greece to America, fire and blast at every prison

Against every type of incarceration, fire to the foundations of civilization

On Saturday evening October 1st, that was proposed by ABC cell as international day of solidarity with the U$ prison struggle, we spray-painted slogans in the streets of Exarchia.


Themistokleous 58 Squat

USA: Graffiti for Anti-Fascists – For a Black July

Received July 12th along with the image:

In response to the call for a day of solidarity with the Sacramento anti-fascists, and the call for solidarity with anti-fascist prisoners in Russia, some graffiti was painted in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.

This solidarity however does not exist separately from the current reality of struggle. The connections between a dozen neo-nazis being militantly run out of the California state capital and groups of black youth ferociously confronting the brutal St. Paul police department as happened on July 9th should be as clear as day.

All forms of domination must be attacked and destroyed.

Death to white supremacy
Death to the state
For a Black July
For Anarchy

Athens, Greece: June 11th graffiti and banners by the anarchist group Wild Nature

Against every form of incarceration – Freedom for Marco Camenisch & Marius Mason – June 11th Callout
Against prisons & everything that reproduces them – Strength to all incarcerated anarchists across the planet – June 11th Callout
Against prisons & everything that reproduces them – Strength to all incarcerated anarchists across the planet – June 11th Callout
Against every form of incarceration – Strength to all incarcerated anarchists across the planet – June 11th Callout

June 11th graffiti and banners by the anarchist group Wild Nature; against every type of incarceration; for the support of imprisoned anarchists throughout the planet.

Montevideo, Uruguay: Graffiti in remembrance of Javier Recabarren


As of Friday 11th March there’s an international call-out from the Chilean region for agitation in memory of Javier Recabarren, who was sadly hit by a city bus of Transantiago on March 18th last year.

We don’t want to remember him only the day of his death; we want to remember him in every step that we take, in every action that brings us closer to our common ideals – animal liberation, among others.

He was an 11-year-old compa whose vegan nutrition practices and various different motivations for the closure of the Zoo in Santiago de Chile gave strength to many to remain standing!

From the Uruguayan region we send warm hugs to his family, his friends and comrades who continue the fight!

Neither walls nor borders will stop our yearning for freedom!
Until every cage in the entire world is empty!

Melbourne, Australia: Graffiti & flyer action for the comrades in Chile

11.05.15: Graffiti & flyer action in the inner-city suburbs of Melbourne for the anarchist comrades facing repression inside the dungeons of the Chilean state. Slogans sprayed for Nataly, Juan and Guillermo – on hunger strike since April 13th-14th – and for Tamara Sol Vergara and Natalia Tato Collado. Flyers pasted about the case of Tamara Sol Vergara and the hunger strike of Nataly, Juan & Guillermo.

Subversive Tagging & Propaganda Cell

in French, Spanish, Greek, Italian

Uruguay: Graffiti against prison society and the electoral circus

Freedom for the prisoners of social war!
Freedom for the prisoners of social war!

Down with all prison walls!
Down with all prison walls!
To vote does not make you free, it makes you an accomplice. Against all authority.

From a small and rotten city, within the limits imposed by the Uruguayan State, this graffiti is a small wink in complicity with all comrades behind bars in any type of prison and those who are decisive to struggle daily against this society of imprisonment: you are not alone!

We are not as many as we would like, but we are more than they think!

Down with the walls of all prisons, physical and mental!

Athens: Antiracist-antipatriotic action in Plaka

received in english, greek, portuguese and french

In the early hours of Monday 20th of April we went to the district of Plaka to paint over a disgusting mural of racist and nationalist drawings and slogans made by a supposed artist that calls himself Tom, who has been using for some years that wall located at Sotiros Street. The shitty mural that was transmitting, among other things, also messages against people coming from Africa, targeting them as carriers of diseases, was there for at least 3 months so we thought we should do something about it. We threw colors, we tagged the walls with anarcofeminist symbols and we wrote the following messages in various languages:

Without fatherlands, without bosses. Self-management (in Portuguese)

No borders, no masters (in English)

Shit to the fatherland (in Greek)

Lets erase the fash from the map (in French)

Black lives matter (in English)

Ps. The day after our action the wall was painted over again in blue. In case racist slogans appear again, other actions will be taken.

in spanish and italian

Brussels: Solidarity with political prisoners in struggle in Greece

In response to the call from the Network of Imprisoned Fighters, we tagged the headquarters of Deutsche Bank in Brussels in solidarity with political prisoners in Greece and in support of their demands.

Since March 2nd, 22 anarchist prisoners and 8 (type-C) prisoners of DHKP-C have been on hunger strike in Greek prisons. Many of them are imprisoned in Domokos, a special prison dedicated to the detention of political and rebellious prisoners (type-C). In the final days of the previous government, the law on type-C prisons had been passed.

In the first days of March – while Syriza was already in power – the Greek Anti-Terrorist Unit arrested several relatives of the prisoners of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire (SPF).

The demands of the prisoners in struggle are as follows:

– Abolition of the two anti-terrorist laws, enacted following the attacks in New York.
– Abolition of the anti-hoodie law, enacted following the insurrectional demonstrations in December 2008.
– Abolition of the use of DNA as legal evidence.
– The release of Savvas Xiros, a member of the organisation 17N, mutilated, tortured, and in a very serious health condition, locked up for 13 years.
– Abolition of the law on type-C prisons.

Included in these demands is the release of CCF relatives. CCF prisoners are on hunger strike “until death”. Among them, many are in a potentially fatal condition due to the hunger strike.

SYRIZA had promised the abolition of type-C prisons. Instead of this, they throw new “terrorists” into these special prisons.

Freedom for all prisoners!
Honour to Lambros Foundas! Greetings to Nikos Maziotis!
Freedom for Savvas Xiros!

in Greek

Brisbane: Graffiti in solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike

In the small hours of April 3rd around south Brisbane we tagged several businesses and factories with slogans in solidarity with the comrades on hunger strike in Greek prisons. This was done as a small contribution to the international actions in solidarity with the hunger strike.

Victory to the Hunger Strikers!
Long Live the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire!
Love Live the Informal Anarchist Federation!
Lawless Solidarity with the Hunger Strikers!

Subversive Taggers Cell, Brisbane, territories of ‘Australia’.

in Greek

Maldonado, Uruguay: Graffiti in solidarity with comrades abducted during Operation Pandora

“If they touch one of us, they touch all of us – Immediate release of the 7 comrades abducted by the Spanish terror state – Prisoners to the streets”

A mural in the centre of Maldonado, Uruguay, in solidarity with the comrades recently arrested in the Spanish State; it should be clear that we extend solidarity with all prisoners in struggle in any region of the world.

Canary Islands: Acts of sabotage and painted slogans in solidarity with the prisoners of Operation Pandora


In support of our anarchist and feminist compañeras detained recently as part of the so-called “Pandora case”, and making clear our revulsion at this murderous capitalist and heteropatriarchal system, on the 30th of December 2014 from the colony of the Canary Islands we carried out actions of sabotage against ATMs and painted some graffiti in solidarity with the accused.

In all honesty, the feeling of solidarity that we feel towards our compañeras is an unstoppable destructive force, capable of passing through the walls and reaching their libertarian hearts, today between the bars. We call to continue to fight and support each other, as these are the pillars of our anarchist struggle. That fire burns inside like outside of our bodies.

Neither guilty nor innocent!
“If I can’t dance on the head of a cop, it’s not my revolution!”
Health, Anarchy, and Death to the Heteropatriarchal State!

A.M.O.R. (Anarchist Faggots Organising Rage)

Translated from French, originally posted in Spanish

Dortmund, Germany: Anti-prison demo on New Year’s Eve

Fire to the prisons – Freedom for all
Long live anarchy

At the early evening of New Year’s Eve, around 20 people gathered in front of the prison in Dortmund for an unauthorized demo. The attention of the prisoners was called by fireworks and slogans like “Freedom for all prisoners”. A short speech was held in reference to the prison society and the situation of prisoners, as well as the increasing repression against political activists, people who organize in prisoner unions, and an overall intensification of the principle of punishment.

Direct eye contact was possible with the prisoners; only a few meters separated those incarcerated from the gathering. Prisoners showed their delight and solidarity with the manifestation through cheering, raised fists and loud noises. Their affirmative shouts were also heard during the speech. The short-time communication between the inside and the outside could not be prevented by the shouting of the prison cops. The demo was held without direct contact with cops, and there were no detentions.

During the action the walls of the prison were beautified with anarchist symbols and painted slogans. At the end the people wished the prisoners a happy new year. We hope to have at least showed a small token of solidarity and enriched the lame prison daily routine.

Against a society that needs prisons – To the prisons on New Year’s Eve – We will come back, no question.

Anarchists from Dortmund

Spanish State: Arson on the Church of Santa Marina in Seville


Incendiary attack on the church located on San Luis Street in Seville

In the early hours of the 4th to 5th of January 2014, under the cloak of night, the wolves howled again… This time it was the door of said church, which was attacked with Molotov cocktails and solidarity graffiti with those arrested in Barcelona.

For the hatred that the Church and its sees represent and in solidarity with Mónica, Cariñoso and all those who struggle; not one step back; if you touch one of us, you touch all of us.



Athens: Graffiti and flyposting in solidarity with prisoners of anarchist war worldwide

“Strength to comrade José Miguel Sánchez Jiménez, on hunger strike since the 27th of November 2013 – Fire to the prisons!” (José Miguel is incarcerated for nearly two decades in Chile)
“Freedom for Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar, solidarity with Valeria Giacomoni, Gerardo Formoso and Rocío Yune, accused of attacks claimed by the Insurrectional Commando Mateo Morral” (in Spain)
“Solidarity with Marcelo Villarroel, Juan Aliste Vega and Freddy Fuentevilla, prosecuted for the ‘Security’ Case” (imprisoned in Chile)
“We stand beside the comrades Marcelo Villarroel, Juan Aliste Vega and Freddy Fuentevilla, who are remanded in Chile, accused in the ‘Caso Security’ (a bank robbery case, including charges for executing a cop) – Anarchists for the Dispersion of Chaos”
“Solidarity with anarchists Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai” (imprisoned in Italy)
“«You are chasing a ghost that you cannot lock up in the cramped boxes of your judicial codes. This is because it manifests itself at the instant in which the destructive tensions of those who animate it come together to act, at the moment when free women and men decide to experience anarchy concretely» —Nicola Gai. ~ We stand beside our anarchist comrades Nicola Gai and Alfredo Cospito, Olga Cell FAI/FRI members who assumed responsibility for the shooting of Roberto Adinolfi, chief executive of nuclear power firm. Lone wolves are not alone. For black anarchy and rage towards destruction – Anarchists for the Dispersion of Chaos”
“Prisoners to the streets!”

Continue reading Athens: Graffiti and flyposting in solidarity with prisoners of anarchist war worldwide

Dortmund: Graffiti for refugees

Due to the increasing smear campaign against refugees in Duisburg, Hamburg, Berlin, Dortmund and the rest of Germany, these past few days we carried out a solidarity action with the help of the Deutsche Bahn!

We wish all fighters much strength!


Escape aid for everyone!
Against the racist normalcy!

Freedom Writers, 23.10.2013

Aveiro, Portugal: Tribute to Pavlos Fyssas

‘Cops, TV, neo-Nazis, all scum work together’
‘Pavlos Fyssas, antifa killed by neo-Nazi knife – Not a step back’
‘The more silence is imposed, the more our voices scream’

Action in the city of Aveiro in honour of Pavlos Fyssas, antifa comrade killed in Athens following an ambush by fascists of the Golden Dawn party.

Death to the fascist scum in any of their forms



Halkidiki, Northern Greece: Painted slogans and graffiti for freedom

FREEDOM FOR LUCIANO PITRONELLO (International Revolutionary Front)

Joining the call by Contra Info, we painted several slogans for freedom and made some graffiti, in order to highlight our intentions and mental state. Our actions were carried out in various places located in Halkidiki.

As long as money exists, there’ll be inequality.
As long as the State exists, there’ll be oppression.

Solidarity with freedom combatants
and anarchist-libertarian armed guerrillas!

Utopists and Anarchists from everywhere

Ukraine: Anarchist graffiti for global solidarity

Within the framework of action for global solidarity with Greek anarchists and struggles against repression from the 1st to the 10th of August, activists from different cities of Ukraine (Simferopol, Kharkiv, Ternopil) painted the graffiti “Global solidarity forever” at the entrance to the city of Simferopol, along railroad.

Simferopol Autonomous Action

Greece: Anti-Nazi and anti-repression demonstration in the city of Mytilini

No State can segregate us; no national flag can unite us
Neither on Lesvos, nor anywhere; smash the fascists in every neighbourhood (Antifascist Initiative of Mytilini)

Nearly 150 protesters participated in the evening demonstration that was called by the Antifascist Initiative of Mytilini on June 1st, in the major city of Lesvos Island. Many texts were shared out, including flyposting, antifascist slogans were chanted, while walls were painted with graffiti and stencils along the route. There was no threat from cops or neo-Nazis during the protest march.

The demo had also a wider counter-informative character. Comrades have spread some facts about the recent (and ongoing) repressive wave and pretrial incarcerations against anarchists in Istanbul, in relation to the May Day protests, through the dissemination of an open letter from anarchist prisoners to the public (here), translated in Greek by “Squat in Mpineio” (here). Comrades threw related fliers along the demo route to make passersby aware of this case, thus demonstrating their solidarity with imprisoned and prosecuted anarchists in Turkey.

In addition, leaflets were shared out in solidarity with three anarchists in Athens who are threatened with completely unsustained prosecutions, in relation to the death of three bank employees in the Marfin bank branch on May 5th, 2010. Last year, in April 29th, 2011, the same three anarchists were kidnapped by cops and detained, but they were never officially charged, so they were released. Nevertheless, the “investigation” has not yet ceased.

The State/Capital takes revenge on anarchists; let’s take revenge on the State/Capital everywhere.

What’s hazardous for people is not whores seropositive for HIV but the acceleration of fascism in society (flyer about currently prosecuted female prostitutes that were found HIV-positive after raids in migrants’ homes in Athens and “health checks” in brothels and downtown streets frequented by sex workers)
Nazis aren’t cool / The more they steal your life, the more they have you doped with nation and race

source/more photos / few more antifa demos

[Germany] It’s time to revolt, when I’m even not allowed to paint the streets with chalk!

In prehistoric times our ancestors would live in caves, would paint colorful pictures on their walls or carve them onto rocks. Even later in Egypt, slaves, forced to build the pyramids used to scratch onto pieces of stones cartoons of pharaohs, or other despised rulers. In Ancient Greece the tempels would be carved with all kinds of visitors’ messages. Also the streets of Pompeii were full of graffiti. Graffiti isn’t anything of a new invention. It is one kind of human expression, an urge to frame and picture our environment, to leave signs of our existance behind us. Who among all of those ‘decent and civilized anti-graffiti people’ would ever dare to accuse our prehistoric or ancient ancestors as criminals for doing so? Non of them. Until the first greedy and power hungry human being invented something called: property and laws to enslave his fellow men. Until then the world used to belong to itself and man was able to roam it, settle down and design it freely.

Nowadays our painting and carving ancestors would be prosecuted by state authorities, defamed as vandals and criminals! Special police units would hunt them down, judges in courts would be busy to convict them “in the name of the people”, even to imprison them. Anti-Graffiti companies would be employed to erase every single sign of their expressions. So called ‘citizens initiatives’, politicians and self-claimed ‘property owners’ would publicly condemn them as ‘vandals’ and so on. That is the certain ‘human condition’ we are facing. The matter is not whether it is legal by any state laws to paint and write in your environment, but that it is an inherited human urge, which they’d love to make us believe of as a kind of cancer that must be cut out of the society, to prevent it from spreading. But the creation of things, be it in public or private, be it painting, writing, building etc. is almost as necessary for our well-being as eating. It is our spiritual food. Particularly in urban metropolis which haven’t been architectured to benefit most of their residents, where masses of people (among them countless kids and youngsters) are forced to live in ‘workers’ lockboxes’ within liveless and sterile surroundings made of cement, deprived of nature and any means to escape it. Especially there graffiti expresses life and stimulates our muted senses.


Typical OZ smileys

Freedom for OZ, N. and M. and everybody, who is prosecuted for turning dull urban environments into a colourful and lively place!

OZ’s is a 61 year old man from Hamburg (Germany), who has been already charged with a total of 8 years imprisonment for his graffiti and also got brutally beaten up by private security guards several times. His smileys, loops and also political slogans can be found almost everywhere across Hamburg but are present in other cities of Europe, too. After the prosecution appealed against the interim judgment, which sentenced him to a penalty of € 1,500, he is now threatened to be sentenced to jail for up to two years. N. and M. are accused of ‘property damage with graffiti in more than 20 cases’, furthermore they are suspected of ‘turning over hunting platforms and smearing them’. The state’s ‘evidences’ are their vegan lifestyle, a crossed O instead of Ö, which one of them privately uses and that was in the graffiti, as well as a heart-shaped anarchist sign, which accordingly to the investigators is a ‘unique sign in the graffiti scene’. An intention to prosecute can be seen by the house searches, which did not provide any evidence, unless you consider the before mentioned ‘evidence’ as that. The trial date is set on Monday, May 21th, 2012, at 9 am in the court of Kempten (Germany), room 170.

Berlin, Winter 08/09: anarcho-heart on a snowed up car

Call for solidarity actions for N. and M.

“We need you all! Be creative, get creative!

Do solidarity actions in your city and support our campaign for the accused N. and M. from Kempten! Glue posters, spread leaflets, murals, stencils, banners and others. We are interested in what you like! Send us photos of your actions or when you recognize a supportive action and we will publish your sign of practical solidarity on our homepage!

Sußbauer (translator’s note: agent of the so called ‘office for state protection’) thinks that only the accused are able to paint anarcho-hearts and Ö with slash. Let’s show him that this isn’t the case!”

Update, 24-5/2012: The trial against N. and M. is over. Both got a prison sentence of six months but were released. Each of them is now on three years’ probation!