[Italy] New anarchist publication: Blasphemia

This publication is born out of an intolerance towards sectarianism that seems to be expanding even where it was least expected, it has the pretension to stimulate reflections, which don’t lead to meet each other on affinities reduced to a familiarity that binds us to an attendance taken for granted.
Those who write have met and have felt the need to question everything, and to not take anything for granted, to start to reason again and to follow the intimate desire to destroy the world. To do this we need ideas, we need courage, we need projects, theories and actions, knowledge and irreverence, perspectives and research, and where it’s possible, affinity. It is necessary to return to daring in thoughts as in action. Without waiting, without hesitation, without churches.

These are some of the arguments that we will try to face and deepen in the following pages, convinced by the necessity of comrades, beyond territorial borders, to meet, to clash, to discuss, to project, to act.

On the trail of this thought we would like to add the reason we have decided to not publish this newspaper on the internet. The way an idea is spread is an integral part of a path of struggle, especially if this idea is a whole with practice, which is why it cannot be entrusted to a tool of communication which is not only an invention of and beneficial to the enemy, but it can be responsible for the creation of fictional realities.

C.P. 116
Piazza Matteotti
80133 Napoli, Italy