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Serbia: Banner drop of libertarians from Niš

December 7th, 2013: Disgusted at the increasingly arrogant behaviour of gendarmes, and disappointed with the racist attitude of citizens towards asylum seekers, some libertarians proposed a simple exchange: “Give us asylum seekers; you can have the gendarmerie” is the slogan written on a banner hung on one of the overpasses in Niš. Well done to […]

Berlin: Racist mob and Nazi mobilization against the opening of a refugee residence in Marzahn-Hellersdorf district

Solidarity with all refugees

On Monday, August 19th, the first refugees and asylum seekers from Syria, Russia, Serbia and Vietnam arrived in the freshly inaugurated ‘refugee shelter’ in Hellersdorf, on the outskirts of Berlin. They were welcomed by antifascist comrades, who opposed a racist mob of residents as well as organized neo-Nazis that […]

Berlin: Refugee hunger strike in front of Brandenburg Gate

On October 24th, 20 participants in the ongoing refugee strike in Germany decided to go on hunger strike and set up a second tent camp in front of Brandenburg Gate, in Berlin, which the police took down that night. The cops forbid any use of sleeping equipment as well. Below is footage from the evacuation.

Slogans […]

Refugee struggle in Germany: Racist abuse in Berlin police custody

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Bulgaria: Hunger strike of migrants/refugees in Lyubimets

Short report we received about migrants’ hunger strike in Lyubimets: Currently 25 people are holding a hunger strike in the migrant detention center in the town of Lyubimets in South-Eastern Bulgaria, close to the Turkish border. The hunger strike was initiated on August 14th by 14 inmates; 11 other joined afterwards. A considerable part of […]

Wave of refugee protests across Germany

Message from activists in Magdeburg: “Solidarity with the Iranian hunger strikers in Würzburg – For the abolition of the racist asylum policy in Europe and the abolition of mass shelters”

Here follows an incomplete transcription, with the basic aim of disseminating the news in brief:

The wave of strikes started in Würzburg (Bavaria) on […]

2 videos, immigrants working in Crete arrive in Athens to join the nationwide hunger strike

On Sunday, 23 January, 250 immigrant workers arrived at the port of Piraeus from Crete island to begin a nationwide hunger strike. On the same day 50 of the 300 immigrants arrived at the Labor Centre of Thessaloniki in order to participate in this hunger strike.

Afghan refugees request asylum while Greek authorities continuously repress them

Since late November, Afghan refugees stay in tents at Propylaea (central Athens) protesting and requesting asylum. The authorities together with para-state fascist scums try to repress their struggle but the refugees don’t give up.

On December 2nd some fascists (or secret cops?) attacked the refugees at Propylaea destroying their photo-dashboards, shouting to an alderman who […]