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Gap, France: Freedom for the «7 of Briançon» !

sent 11/1/18

They are facing potential incarceration for helping migrants in danger in the French Alps. Bastien, Benoit, Eléonora, Juan, Lisa, Mathieu et Théo will face justice on November 8th in Gap.

They are prosecuted for «helping undocument foreign nationals to enter national territory, in organized gang”. The envisaged penalty is 10 years in prison and 750.000 euros fine. What should they amend for ? Being involved in a march against the far-right, little band called «Bloc identitaire», which was obstructing the border the border so as to retaliate against migrants trying to cross it.

Even though the notion of «organized gang” was meant to tackle organized crime, it is now being used against volunteers involved in the NGO’s Tous migrants and, as for two of them, La Cimade. More generally, this provision is now being misused as a tool to intimidate citizens who show solidarity with migrants trying to cross the French Alps.

The prosecutor’s office has, hence, chosen to prosecute pacifist activists while enabling the far-right activists of “Bloc Identitaire” to evade punishment, as they didn’t face any charges.

Echoing a recent French Constitutional Court’s ruling, which enshrined the principle of fraternity as a constitutional principle, we are calling for the dropping of all charges against Bastien, Benoit, Eléonora, Juan, Lisa, Mathieu, and the end of any prosecution against them.

Solidarity with the «7 of Briançon»! We all stand against the “crime of solidarity”! We are all criminals for being solidary in “organized band”!

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Athens, Greece: Prison profiteer McDonald’s blockaded at Syntagma Square

Banners read: “From Koridallos to Lucasville, fight against prison slavery” / “Solidarity with the struggle of US prison inmates against slavery”

On Saturday evening September 10th 2016, McDonald’s at Syntagma Square was blockaded for two hours in solidarity with the struggle against slavery which has already begun in American prisons, as of September 9th.

McDonald’s is one of the key companies that exploit the regime of slavery imposed on prisoners in the United States, a regime securing the multinational giant more profits.

During the 2-hour blockade we distributed many texts to passersby, in both Greek and English, and threw flyers. We ended our action without incident when demonstrators from hot spots (migrant camps) and migrants housing squats arrived in Syntagma. We joined their demonstration, chanting slogans in solidarity with migrants.

Assembly of Solidarity with the Struggle of Prisoners against Slavery

Next open meeting:
Monday September 12th, 7pm, Athens Polytechnic School (Gini building), Exarchia.

Exarchia: Info event with a comrade from London – Athens Polytechnic School 07/07

London: Resistance against Immigration Raids
& Perspectives of Rebellion

DISCUSSION | Thursday July 7th at 20:00, Gini building
Athens Polytechnic School (entrance from Stournari St.), Exarchia

Themistokleous 58 squat
& anarchist counter-info sites Rabble LDN and Contra info

Exarchia, Athens: Gathering in solidarity with the Occupied Gini Building – June 1st from 9am


On Tuesday morning 31/5/2016 an employee of the Athens Polytechnic School (NTUA) showed up at the entrance of the Occupied Gini Building in order to deliver an announcement of the Rectorate, thus making official the threats of eviction that had already been addressed verbally to us over the last period, by the guards of the Polytechnic, the administrative personnel, and even a spokesman of the Afghan community in Greece who attempted to approach the migrants hosted in the Occupied Gini Building, claiming that he was following orders by the Greek Ministry of Education.

According to the university’s announcement, “… restoration works on the facades’ decorative elements will urgently take place” as well as “… disinfection works, so that the scheduled exams of the Institution’s Faculties start on 6/6/2016.”

This development comes at a time when an intensified militarisation of the territory controlled by the Greek State is underway, only a few days after the eviction of Idomeni camp, and while thousands of migrants have been transferred to concentration camps and detentions centres under miserable and humiliating conditions, facing further exclusion and persecution, more or less as if they were the human waste of our times. The university’s authorities once again confirm their complicity with the rest of the noble repressive institutions of the Greek democracy, the army, the police, the mass media, but also the parastatal mechanisms that lurk in the streets of urban centres and the province, manhunting those without papers, those that speak broken or no Greek at all, those that were either dislocated or exiled from their origin places as a consequence of the everyday violence exercised by the economic and war machinery of those in Power.

From our part we will not comment on the Rectorate’s urgency to restore the building. Nevertheless, we cannot but comment on the language of Power, when they speak of “disinfection works”. We declare that we will not permit entry to any disinfection crew (with or without uniform) and we will defend the occupation until the end. We will continue contaminating the social body with the virus of solidarity, dignity and insurrection, against the employees of the State, the Capital and domination, against the world of borders and national discriminations.

Rectors, the squat at Gini building will stay

No one can extinguish the flame we’ve lit

Anarchist resistance everywhere!

Occupied Gini Building
[inside the Athens Polytechnic School; entrance from Stournari Street, Exarchia]

Turin: Call for three days of discussion and struggle against borders and concentration system

via Macerie



From Idomeni to Calais, images of people trying to pass borders more and more insuperable get to us. At the same time the European states are reorganising the internal management of immigration through new sorting facilities, and heightening control in administrative detention centres.

For these reasons it’s necessary to gather and discuss about latest evolutions.

These meetings want to raise critical points, both theoretical and practical, and focus on difficulties that came up during the latest struggles, in Italy but not only, with migrants and immigrants. Although we are aware of the difficulty and complexity of this purpose, we think it’s indispensable to have an open debate not dictated by movement commitments and due dates. Essentially, we feel the urge to restart a discussion about these specific matters, without the obligation to reach a conclusion on analysis and propositions, but rather a prolific playing field where to find ourselves in the coming months.

Aim of the first two days:

– Have a debate with several militants regarding international migration politics related to flow of migrants and closure of the borders.

– Take stock of evolution of reception and rejection system implemented in Italy starting from Hotspot, the so called “secondary care” (accoglienza secondaria), to sectioning in CIE.

– Have a debate with militants involved in various activities against immigration management, as struggle against CIE and against borders.

– Have a debate with militants coming from abroad who stood by refugees and asylum-seekers in struggles.

We would like to concentrate the discussion on the following points:

– The arrival of large groups of immigrants foreseen in the next months can produce again a situation like the one occurred last year in Ventimiglia, where hundreds of displaced people are gathering. The closure of Austrian border is blocking the path toward Northern-Europe, probably redirecting people coming from Balkans and Southern-Europe to the north-west border. How to plan an intervention that takes into account practical circumstances that happen in these situations? How to carry on an active solidarity with migrants without falling in aid mechanism but rather restarting the course of struggle and complicity? What limits and what possibilities are these situations of emergency offering?

– The enormous flow of migrants goes through newly-opened Hotspot, that acts like filters from which the destination of each migrants is decided, and then sorted, in “secondary care” structures, as Sprar, Cas and Cara. Many years have passed since these places were created but lately they are spreading in order to face a bigger number of asylum-seekers. The excuse of giving shelter, used to justify the existence of these structures, covers up a complex net of tenders where companies and cooperatives cash in huge profits in supplying services. The “parking lot” offered to asylum-seekers forces many of them to undergo a course of integration, real or less real, built on educational activities and exploitation of labour. Besides these official courses, secondary care structures represent in many cases a source of low-cost workers employed in agriculture, construction or restaurant industry, where gang-master system has considerable scope for making money. What are the possibilities to take actions against cooperatives, NGOs, associations or institutions that manage these structures? How to intercept moment of conflict provoked by migrants and which ways to take part in them? How to stand against welcoming propaganda, highlighting its inconsistencies and its purpose of control?

– CIE is the last transit place for immigrants waiting rejection, captured during police raids or coming from prisons, going ashore or crossing borders. Even if the management of CIEs changes depending on their location and supervisors, in the last years such structures tend to become more similar to prisons: the internal repression exhibited with intense control, isolation cells, requisition of cell phones used to communicate with the outside world, prove this theory. Yet still, uprising and escaping of prisoners show a clear example of how to get rid of those places. Management of services is a stable source of profit for companies and institutions, that sometimes work both in CIE and secondary care structures. How to support uprisings of prisoners from outside and how to carry on the struggle against CIEs autonomously?

Event calendar:

Friday, May 20th

19:00, debate on management and control systems of immigration. From rejection to welcoming.

Saturday, May 21st

10:00, meeting in Piazza della Repubblica, on Corso Giulio Cesare side.

14:30, description of various experiences in the struggle beside sans-papiers. There will be a speech by militants from France.

19:30, discussion on borders locking and experiences from the last year.

Sunday, May 22nd

16:00, meeting in front of CIE, Corso Brunelleschi.

In order to make anyone aware of the different situations we will speak about, you can send to us, before the events, some contribution to the e-mail address:

The contributions will be published on Macerie

Debates will take place at Asilo occupato in via Alessandria 12, Torino.
Bring your sleeping bag.

UK: Nights Against Borders in South London, starting 17 April

No Border Nights
Films and discussion on struggles against the borders.

3rd Sunday of each month starting 17 April @ The Field, New Cross. 385 Queens Road SE14 5HD.

discussion – music – vegan food – film – reports from the borders

The first in a series of monthly South London socials against borders. Come, share and learn about what’s going on at the borders & find out about inspiring struggles against Fortress Europe.

Every month will have a different focus – from local struggles against detention centres, deportations, and immigration raids in our neighbourhoods – to migrant squats in Greece, solidarity convoys in the Balkans, and anti border protests in Hungary.

The topic of this month’s event will be migrant resistance & solidarity in Greece, and the effects of the EU-Turkey deal. We’ll hear from a speaker recently back from Greece and have a live-link with people currently out there. Plus we’ll also hear about what’s been going on more locally and how you can get involved.

6.30pm: Food
7pm: Talk, film & discussion
9pm-10pm: Music

via Rabble | in German

Malmö: Action against the Swedish border control and Fortress Europe

Received April 9th, 3:30pm: This very moment activists from Southern Sweden onboard on a train from Copenhagen’s airport Kastrup bound to Sweden, Malmö refuse to show ID cards during border checks initiated by Sweden in November 2015 to prevent refugees from reaching its territory. This is an action against Fortress Europe and in solidarity with thousands of detained and deported refugees in Europe and Turkey. What follows is the communiqué of their action.


On November 12, 2015, Sweden introduced border checks to prevent refugees from entering in its territory. This development led to the establishment of a reinforced and well-organized border-check apparatus, despite the fact that the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfvén stated in September 2015 that “my Europe does not build walls”. Suddenly, Europe’s “most open and tolerant society” took the lead in a violent domino effect of closed borders across the European continent. Sweden was the first nation-state that turned its back to refugees and established Fortress Europe “2.0”. In times when anti-racism and solidarity are mostly needed, when residencies for asylum seekers are burned down and racialized individuals are attacked on the streets, the Swedish state decided to establish long-lasting and enhanced border checks. “We need breathing-space” (PM Stefan Löfvén, 2015/11/2).

After positive opinion surveys for border checks in the Swedish press and increasing percentages for fascist movements (such as the Swedish Democrats), the whole Swedish political system adopted a racist refugee policy. The Swedish parliamentarism closed borders, nazis established anti-immigrant street patrols and a crisis-rhetoric in mainstream media fueled an implicit as well as explicit racist propaganda about the “risks” with open borders. “Refugee flows responsible for spreading the multi-resistant bacteria MRSA” (Sydsvenskan, 2016/1/2).

Fascism on the rise is not solely a Swedish phenomenon. The whole of Europe suffers from similar tendencies that also materialize in e.g. EU’s migration and border policy. The creation of FRONTEX, the Dublin Regulation and the latest deal with Turkey reveals that Europe enables flow of goods and capital but leaves outside its walls humans in need. The deal with Turkey signifies an unambiguous capitalist business where both partners win.  EU bribes Turkey with money, visa-free travel for Turkish citizens in Europe and a promise for a Turkish EU candidacy anew. As compensation, Turkey will make sure that a great deal of refugees will stay away from the EU. In other words, this means that the humanitarian refugee crisis becomes a money issue, namely, the EU sells its responsibility. But to prevent people to apply for asylum is against the western liberal international regulations (e.g. the Geneva Convention for refugees’ rights). Turkey is not a safe place for refugees to stay, that is, it is absolutely immoral of EU to deport refugees to a country in civil war.

Land borders define the state’s geographical authority and the imaginary demarcation of nations. Border checks in Hyllie, Malmö were introduced for one reason: to remind everyone that the European wall is not abstract – it materializes state power over people’s lives and bodies. Therefore, we refuse today to let national borders’ violence without resistance. Today, we fight back against state’s exercise of power. We refuse to show our ID cards. This is not just a symbolic action, but also a concrete effort to violate borders’ normalcy.

Open the borders between Sweden and Denmark NOW!
Free passage to refugees and immigrants
Solidarity with refugees and all who fight with them

No push-backs to Turkey! No deportations! No one is illegal!


Lesvos, Greece: Update from the No Border Kitchen

Received March 30th:

The fascist assholes did not have the guts to show up, or the rumors (which we have many, many circling around the island) that we would get a police raid were false. Anyhow;

Today 2 supporters of NBK [No Border Kitchen], together with our lawyer went to the municipality to explain to the mayor of Mytilini what our demands are. The mayor started off with a statement that he considers himself on a left political side and that he wanted to show us his friendly face. After explaining him the demands of the refugees in NBK, he informed us that he does not have the political power to fulfil our demands. He informed us that we have to leave Tsambika beach the same day (today, 30-03-2016) were we responded that that’s clearly impossible. After some bargaining the ‘deal’ was made that the kitchen will be gone in a period of 7 days, on 06-04-2016. We clearly informed that we will only remove the kitchen, and let the refugees decide for themselves what they will do, that we will respect there decisions and fully support there decisions and keep on supporting them in any way we can.
The mayor put on it black and white on paper, singned and stamped with some official stamp, that he will not evict NBK, send any police, frontex or buses to moria before the 7th of April.

We want to make a clear statement that we (the people of NBK in support with refugees) are anarchists. We want to make clear that we never thought that the conversation with the mayor would have lead to any more positive result of the current situation of refugees in NBK, Lesvos or elsewhere. We do not believe the lies of cops, politicians and those in power, no matter if they claim to be left or right wing, and try to keep our communication with our enemies as minimal as possible. We want to make clear that at the moment we are trying prevent eviction, arrests, transportation to Moria and deportation of our comrades in any possible way. Unfortunately we felt like standing with our backs against the wall, forced to communicate with those who make the lives of our comrades a living hell. We want to make clear that this communication was and will be never our decision, our consent and we will never make the first move to communicate with our enemies.

At the moment it is not possible for us to share with the world what our next steps will be, but an update will follow soon.

For a world without borders!!!

NBK Lesvos

e-mail: noborderkitchen(at)riseup.net
Infotel. (greek): 0030 698 340 69 78
Infotel. (ger.) : 0049 160 95 10 27 51

For the previous article see here | in German

Greece: No Border Kitchen Lesvos under threat of police raid and eviction

On the island of Lesvos, where the deportation machine is working at full speed, all the camps for refugees are cleared out and the registration center ‘moria’ has showed the true purpose and is now functioning as an deportation centre, NBK is still standing strong and operating at full speed.

The current situation is that we now host a couple of hundred refugees, who have been hunted down on the island by frontex and police and have no other place to go. The kitchen is up and running day and night to help anyone in need on food, shelter, medical aid and a (semi)safe place to rest, where refugees work side by side with people in solidarity on an equal level. We host, the refugees participate, and together we keep the camp up and daily life running.

Already the rumors were spreading that NBK will be evicted soon, since its an ‘ illegal’ camp and the last camp on the island were refugees are to be found, besides the unfortunate ones who have been arrested and moved to the Moria deportation center (which is still called a ‘ registration center’ by the officials). For days we have had police coming by in small numbers, sometimes checking passports of people in solidarity, sometimes searching people for drugs outside NBK, sometimes counting the numbers of people in the food-line and taking pictures.. Also they started arresting refugees on the road from NBK to the city of Mytilini, which is a huge problem since NBK as it’s on a dead-end street and there is only one way to walk.

The current situation is that the fascist mayor of Mytilini came by today (29-03-2016) with the demand that we will leave the beach we have squatted, since there is a contract signed that it will be transferred into a ‘water entertainment park’. We are all aware of the fact that this is clear bullshit, since the beach is clearly not big enough for this ‘water entertainment park’ and that this is just the most easiest way to get us evicted. The mayor informed us that within a couple of days there will be buses coming to NBK, for refugees to be transported to Karatepe refugee camp, where they will have freedom of movement and will not be detained. Karatepe is an former UNHCR camp to host refugees from Syria, but all the Syrians have been moved to mainland. UNHCR left the camp and it is now operated by the army and police (frontex) Before the refugees can go to Karatepe they will have to (re)register themselves in the Moria ‘registration center’, were it’s clear what will happen to them. Once they will walk in, the gates will close and they will be kept imprisoned, waiting for the transportation to detention centers on Greek mainland.

Also the mayor informed us that the buses to Moria will be escorted by riot police, to forcefully get every refugee in the bus who does not want to get in by themself. He invited ‘us’ (people in solidarity with refugees) to go to the Lesvos municipality building tomorrow (30-03-2016) at 12 o’ clock to tell him how many refugees we host in the camp, how many will get on the bus to Moria, and then expect us to pack in the kitchen and leave.

We will go to the municipality, but for different reasons. We will tell the mayor that the refugees have demands before they will go, and if their demands are not fulfilled, that they will not cooperate and will fight for there freedom, since they are trapped on this island and have nothing left to lose.

There demands are:
– If NBK will get the possibility to be relocated, if its truly only about the location being developed in the future.
-The refugees will leave from NBK to Moria only if they will get represented by a lawyer in personal or in small groups.
– They want translators.
– They will not be detained in Moria or Karatepe.
– They will have the right to directly apply for asylum once they have entered Moria ‘registration center’.

Also, we got the inside information that tomorrow morning (30-03-2016) the police will do a rate on NBK between the time of 5 and 9 in the morning, to look for drugs and evidence that we make false papers for refugees so that they can enter the ferries (only Syrian, Iraqi and Afghanistan nationalities are allowed to enter the ferries to mainland, the rest of the nationalities get arrested on the port if they try to enter).

It’s clear bullshit that both drugs or devices to produce fake papers will be found in NBK. We wish the police lots and lots of fun searching every corner and all the tents on Tsamakia beach to find this!!!
We will be waiting for them!!!

Unlike camps like ‘better days for moria’ and others WE WILL NOT advise refugees to hand themselves over to frontex/police at Moria. We will only provide them with information about the current situation, leaving the decision on what to do to to them, and support them in there decision.

and for those who are still awaiting the hell of a journey from Turkey to Greece by sea maybe the most important; FERRIES NOT FRONTEX!!!

Here you can find the manifesto of NBK, to get an better understanding how it started and what our political views are: Continue reading Greece: No Border Kitchen Lesvos under threat of police raid and eviction

Athens: Banner action in the city centre

On March 26th 2016, we gathered in the yard of the Athens Polytechnic School, beside the squatted Gini building where migrant families are currently housed, and we made a few banners of anarchist remembrance and internationalist solidarity.

On Stournari Street, we placed a banner in solidarity with migrants reading: “We are migratory birds – Down with barbed wire – Long live freedom – Fire to the borders”.

In Exarchia Square, we dropped a banner in memory of Javier Recabarren also ahead of the 29th March, Day of the Combatant Youth in Chile: “Eleven-year-old dead: 18th March 2015 – Javier Recabarren present in every street battle!!! 29th March out in the street”.

Last year (18-3-2015), the rebellious comrade Javier Recabarren died at age 11 in Santiago, Chile, when he was hit by a bus of Transantiago. At such a young age he was very active in animal liberation struggles, being a member of Colectivo Animalista Alza Tu Voz (Animal-Rights Collective “Raise Your Voice”). He often participated in street riots, but also in activities and events in support of incarcerated comrades.

“With all the subversive love for the rebellious and beautiful little kid Javier Recabarren… Vegan/Anarko/Anti-cages, immensely conscious of his uncontainable desires for freedom… We carry you in the indomitable hearts, little brother!!!” —words of the libertarian comrade (Security case prisoner) Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda in November 2015

On Koletti Street, Exarchia, we hung a banner reading: “Ever since we were children we’ve hated this society – Shit on the State and the police – Chaoten”.

At the old building of the Chemistry Faculty, we left a message of incendiary solidarity: “A bottle filled with petrol at every cop’s head – Solidarity with Andrea and Errol – Antigolders”.

The two anarchist comrades Errol and Andrea, who reside in Thessaloniki, are currently threatened with administrative deportation, accused of participation in clashes with cops that had broken out on August 23rd 2015 during a demonstration against gold mining in Skouries in the Halkidiki Peninsula (northern Greece).

A wall nearby, on Charilaou Trikoupi Street, was tagged with “FIRE TO THE PRISONS (A)” in Farsi.

At the opposite corner, on Solonos Street, we dropped a banner against every terror law: “Out in street is where we break the terror and the law – Breakin’ the Law”.

We placed one last banner on Soultani Street, back in Exarchia, reading: “Fire to the prisons / FTTP”.

Marseille, France: Incendiary attack against a GDF Suez car in solidarity with Calais

Received March 19th:

In recent weeks, the State and its “good” army have intensified their attacks against our friends in Calais, between two racist pogroms unleashed by fascists. But those who attack libertarian networks should expect strong reactions.

If the houses built in Calais are destroyed, we’ll destroy the repressive infrastructure, in Marseille like anywhere else.

In response to the destruction and attacks against the Calais Jungle, we burned a van of {Cofely – GDF Suez}, who profit from the management of so-called “migrants” by participating in the construction of detention centres in France and in Italy – Friday 4th March in the neighbourhood of Baille.

The struggle against all borders, States, and the society of exclusion and eviction, will continue.

For a solidarity-based life.

(Insomniac Owls with Internationalist Mood and Incandescent Humour)

in German and Italian

Marseille, France: Week of action in solidarity with resistance in Calais

Received March 16th:

Following the recent evictions in Calais, a week of action in solidarity with the resistance of the ’’jungle’’ took place in Marseille. The various actions contained in this communique were anonymously contributed by numerous individuals and groups. All the targets chosen collaborate in the repression, subjugation and deportation of migrant and/or paperless people in Calais and elsewhere.
Below is the list of actions as they were communicated by those responsible:

* 500 stickers including “No to evictions/deportations(*) – Solidarity with the resistance in Calais”, “Migrants welcome – bring your mates”, “Collaborators – Solidarity with sans papiers in Calais”, as well as various others in French and English, distributed throughout the city.

* Several small actions took place Sunday 6 March:
Posters of FN (Front National) were destroyed and pro migration slogans spray painted on a wall nearby.
Tires punctured of a vehicle belonging to Orange Telecom (linked to the state).
“Collaborator in deportations/evictions” spraypainted on 3 postboxes of La Poste.
One cash point and security camera sabotaged with paint at BNP Paribas bank on Avenue de la Corderie – “collabo” written next to the ATM.
La Poste building also spraypainted with “Collaborator in evictions/deportations”.

* 200 posters pasted around Noailles, Belle de Mai and National (1st and 3rd districts) with four different posters: “Solidarity with the sans papiers in Calais”, “Solidarity with the resistance in Calais” and “Solidarity with the hunger strikes in Calais” (the latter in French and English).

* Wednesday 9th March early morning:
Banner drop reading “Solidarity with the resistance in Calais – no-one is illegal”
Slogans spraypainted “no documents, no deportations/evictions”, “burn the borders, burn the state”, “no borders – no state – no problems” “Vinci collaborators in evictions/deportations” and “No to deportations/evictions”.

* Thursday 10th March at 4.30am: Red Cross building, Rue Baille, 5th district. Windows smashed with rocks and locks sabotaged. Against the ‘humanitarian’ collaborators and their attempts of softening the violence of the borders. There are no peaceful evictions.

* Two collaborating LCL cash machines put out of service.
One metropole car sabotaged and “calais” painted on roof.

* Graffiti against six Groupe SOS buildings in the 1st; 3rd & 7th districts: 200 & 357 blvd national, 3 blvd grigou, 2 rue grigan (locks broken as well), 24a rue fort notre-dame, 1 blvd charles livron.
Also two post offices : 184 blvd national and place bernard de cabinet.
“Collaborator in evictions/deportations”, “Solidarity with the sans papiers in Calais” and “Solidarity with the resistance in Calais”

* Night of Thursday 10th: Graffiti and paint bombs against 3 Red Cross buildings around Boulevard Chave in the 5th district (a charity shop and the headquarters). Messages painted: “Solidarity with Calais” and “Collaborator in evictions”.

* A group of us decided to make a banner reading “Destroy all Borders- Solidarity with the eviction resistance in Calais” in French, Arabic, and English. We took a photo with some comrades holding the banner, as a small gesture to those struggling in Calais. This happened on Friday.

(*) Translators note: the word “expulsions” in French can mean interchangeably deportation and/or evictions, due to this, where the word expulsions has been used in the original French we have decided to always translate in both forms since we do not know the intentions of the contributors. Where specificity was either implied or openly stated, we have used the direct translation.

For the poster of the communique click here

in French | German | Portuguese

Collaborator in evictions/deportations

Groupe SOS collaborate in evictions/deportations in Calais
Solidarity with the resistance in Calais – Collaborator in evictions/deportations
Red Cross France
Collaborator in evictions – Solidarity with Calais

Attack on the French Institute in Athens in solidarity with the persecuted migrants in Calais, against the evacuation of the Jungle!

Communiqué in Greek via Athens IMC.
English translation received March 12th 2016:

On March the 2nd we attacked the French Institute in Athens with molotov bombs. With this action we send a message of class solidarity to the persecuted migrants and fighters who struggle against the French state. The French Institute portrays the hypocrisy of the French Republic where behind the unfulfilled revolutionary slogan Freedom-Equality-Fraternity lurks the brutality of capitalist domination.

In the region of Calais, next to the border between Britain and France, migrants who arrive there hoping to cross over to the UK or who have been evacuated and persecuted from other refugee camps, have built a self-organized shanty town. The story of the so-called Jungle, as this favela of the downtrodden has been named, begins in 2002. Migrants who have been persecuted from their homes either due to war or to poverty, their persecution knows no end when arriving in the E.U. Hunted by border patrols, cops and fascists, many of them having passed through prisons and concentration camps, the new residents of Calais take a piece of their lives into their own hands. Despite the numerous attempts of the state in the past years to crush it, this huge community of migrants is resisting and self organizing life with perseverance in the most adverse circumstances of sheer poverty and constant repression. Makeshift restaurants, schools, kid spaces, art spaces and places of worship have been set up and are run by residents together with people in solidarity inside the Jungle.

On the one hand, the Jungle reflects the brutality of the regime which traps and isolated migrants into urban ghettos and concentration camps condemning them to a permanent life on the borderline. The imposition of total control is how the rulers attempts to deal with all those who defy them and who self-organize. Whatever doesn’t fall in line with capitalist “development” is attacked and subject to repression. The cops and Civil Guard often raid the Jungle gassing and brutalizing residents destroying homes and communal infrastructure, displacing and imprisoning migrants. On the other hand the Jungle is a declaration of struggle of the oppressed, struggle for survival against the plans of state domination. The existence of the Jungle and the determined resistance against eviction is a characteristic example of the struggle against persecution and imprisonment.

Last month the French state announced the evacuation of the south part of the Jungle, home to around 3,000 migrants, on the pretext of a sanitary risk to the area. The state in order to curb the resistance of the migrant residents initially attempted to lend humanitarian motives to the evacuation, by stating that the people will be moved to heated containers, while those who don’t fit will be moved to other concentration camps throughout France, not by force but by the”force of argument”. Finally the latest eviction attempt begun this week and bears the familiar face of state violence and terrorism. Those who will be confined in concentration camps will be separated from people with whom they have built a community, they will be registered (fingerprints, photos, e.t.c.) and will descend to state of totalitarian control, dependence and exploitation by the state.

The evacuation of the Jungle is a straightforward attack against migrants’ self determination. Consequently it is an attempt to crush the self-organisation of the oppressed. The strategy of the French state is part of the common European “management of the refugee flows” which whether it is invested with right wing or humanitarian rhetoric aims to control the oppressed and to fill the pool of debased human resources to be exploited by capital. The resistance against the attempt to demolish the Jungle is a struggle against the worst conditions of class subjugation.

In the clashes taking place in Calais, what comes to the surface is the colonialist history of France and its imperialist interventions such as today in North Africa; what is revealed is the inherent fascism of bourgeois democracy and its hypocritical humanitarians. We bring to mind once again Remi Fraisse who was murdered in October 2014, fighting for the Siven forest, murdered by the same bastards in uniform who are now attacking the Jungle.






From the neighborhoods of Athens
Council of Anarchist Action “Gracchus Babeuf”

Athens: Info event with a comrade from Uruguay

Wednesday, March 2nd 2016, at 19:00
in Gini building of the Athens Polytechnic School

Discussion with a compañera from Uruguay concerning the threat of eviction of the squatted social centre La Solidaria in Montevideo and broader anarchist struggles in the region

Squatted Gini building* inside the Athens Polytechnic School
(entrance from Stournari Street, Exarchia)

* Following an initiative of Themistokleous 58 squat, in collaboration with solidarians, Gini building has been squatted since February 29th 2016 to meet the housing needs of migrant families currently stacked in Victorias Square.

Marseille, France: Nocturnal surprise at the Spanish Consulate

On February 6th 2014, the guardia civil assassinated several dozen migrants who attempted to enter Spain by swimming. On the occasion of this sad anniversary and following the call for solidarity acts sent from Rabat [Morocco’s capital], a few comrades were motivated to express their disagreement with “fortress europe” and their rage against all the violence produced by the murderous entities that are the nation-states. Therefore the consulate was tagged with “06/02/2014 SPAIN KILLS MIGRANTS” and “KILLER”. The facade and the front door also took a few paint bombs.

Solidarity without limits!
Against borders and the world that produces them!

Source: Marseille Autonomous Info (February 20th 2016)

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Athens: Update from Themistokleous 58 squat in Exarchia

At about 10pm on January 10th 2016, a few hours after we occupied the empty building on Themistokleous 58 St. in Exarchia, a guy appeared outside the premises who claimed to represent ‘ANASKEVI M EPE’ and said that the building belongs to this real estate company.

What he pretty much told us is that, if we don’t evict ourselves from the building until tomorrow, he will call the cops.

We make clear that we do not acknowledge private property, and we have no intention of leaving the squat.

We call for continued presence of people in solidarity, inside and outside the building, to defend the project by all available means (you may also read the squat’s first announcement here).

Themistokleous 58 squat

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Athens: New squat in Themistokleous St. 58 in Exarchia

In the evening of Sunday, January 10th 2016, we occupied the empty building on Themistokleous St. 58, in Exarchia, Athens. The intention is to open up a place where migrants, who are blocked here in Greece because of the European migration policies, can live and self-organize free from state control. We are a group of individuals from different places and of different contexts, connected through the fight against States, nations, borders, lager, prisons, capitalism; eventually against every part of this rotten system of domination that oppresses us. We are open to anyone who agrees with our basic principles and wants to participate in the project without a hidden political agenda.

This squat isn’t meant to be a public service. We aren’t “volunteers” and we don’t see migrants as victims. One of the challenges of this project will be to overcome in practice the separation imposed on us by borders and citizenship. This house seeks to become a place where people organize themselves and learn from one another mutually, regardless of their origins.

This is an act against the system and the migration policies. It is not our intention to assist the humanitarian aid provided by the State. The integrated and/or assimilated, non-critical humanitarian aid is in fact helping the State to focus on repressive measures in order to persecute and control migration. We strongly refuse to cooperate not only with the State and political parties, but also with NGOs and other organizations or formations that do so (officially or unofficially). All of these scumbags take advantage of the situation of migrants either to profit, protect their interests, gain political power, or to build a social profile.

The control of migration is a tool in the hands of those in power. Right now the Greek State uses the situation of migrants stranded here to put pressure during negotiations for better conditions enabling the implementation of the third memorandum. At the same time, European States regulate migrant flows according their need for cheap labor force, and the rest of migrants are murdered (in land and maritime borders and the streets of European cities), incarcerated or deported. The European Union upgrades its repressive border policies and negotiates deals with States at the inner and outer European borders to continue and intensify the war against migration by more effective means. Those in power hope to secure their property and privileges from those who are being exploited by the capitalist system and suffer their wars. Private and public corporations try to make as much profit of this situation as possible. NGOs represent the interests of their employers, mainly the State, and are well paid for their job.

Because of property rights, people are sleeping in the streets while thousands of houses remain empty. There are enough goods for everyone. We just have to take what we need ourselves.

We declare our solidarity and support to all forms of action that attack borders, nations, prisons, the critical infrastructure that reproduce the existent, and all those who directly or indirectly defend the status quo!

No racism
No sexism
No homophobia
No discrimination
No exploitation
No oppression
No hierarchy
No authority
No patriotism

NOT welcome are:
All organizations that cooperate with the State

We welcome people willing to self-organize, regardless if they have papers or not, and regardless if they have a refugee status or not. Priority in housing is given to those who have no chance to stay somewhere else.

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We call people in solidarity to support the squat outside of the building. Soon enough we will announce the date and time for the administrative assembly of the project.

Egaleo, Athens: Benefit gig for arrestees of the 17/09 demo that ended in clashes in Exarchia

Spread the word!

Monday, September 21st 2015, inside the occupied Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Athens in Egaleoten minute walk from Aghia Marina metro station

Graffiti Festival + Open Mics (bring your spray paints) at 16:00
Rap Live by ‘to miasma’, ‘ex nihilo’, ‘ola denoun’ at 20:30

Assembly of anarchists/antiauthoritarians at the occupied TEI of Athens

Note of Contra Info:

The TEI of Athens has been occupied by comrades since September 13th, putting forward demands such as the immediate granting of educational furloughs to the anarchist prisoner Nikos Romanos, the immediate release of the hunger striker Evi Statiri, and the lifting of the restrictive measures imposed on Athena Tsakalou, as well as the necessity of crushing fascism in all its manifestations, of factually supporting refugees/migrants, of sabotaging and attacking every institutional and electoral process.

In the context of the occupation’s activities and info-meetings, this is an event of urgently-needed financial support for legal expenses of arrestees of the antifascist-antistatist-anticapitalist demonstration that took place in central Athens on Thursday 17/09. The particular protest was organised by the ‘Assembly of anarchists against the State, Capital and fascists’ on occasion of the second anniversary of the murder of Pavlos Fyssas.

That night, some 150 anarchists gathered at Canningos Square and took to the streets of Exarchia neighbourhood where clashes erupted, after the local police station on Kallidromiou Street was attacked with Molotov cocktails. Footage: 1, 2 (+ photos and reportback in Spanish).

A total of 9 people were arrested, most of whom were heavily beaten up by cops. Five arrestees (2 adults and 3 minors) are still being held at the Athens police headquarters facing felony charges. The 5 captives are expected to appear before investigating judges at the Evelpidon courts (building 9) on Monday 21/09, at 12:00, and Tuesday 22/09, at 10:00.

No comrade left alone in the hands of the enemy! Solidarity is our weapon!

Germany, Heidenau: Call to solidarity with migrants

nazis off

Back to Heidenau, where the nazis are established…

As long as the racists, motivated by a campaign of fear in the mass media and supported by hypocrite policies, gather and run riot in front of the refugees under the eyes of police, we have the obligation to stand in their path – by all means necessary.

Not only in Heidenau, but everywhere and everytime that resistance is needed – as a daily routine…

Show your solidarity. Support the refugees. For a practical antifascism.

Stop pogroms! Racism arises in the mainstream of the society. Fight this conditions.

Germany kick the bucket!

Basel, Switzerland: Demonstration against Frontex and attack on prosecutor’s office/pretrial prison

On May 22nd, about 200-250 people took to the streets in Basel in a demonstration against Frontex and the European migration-regime on the occasion of the international action days against the 10 year anniversary of Frontex.

The demonstration went in front of the deportation prison “Bässlergut”, where a big unit of anti-riot cops prevented people from getting to the fence of the prison. There were slogans and speeches against borders and prisons and in solidarity with those held captive. The reaction from the prisoners was loud and strong, with slogans against the cops and lots of noise with banging on the iron bars, for example.

Later that night, a bigger group of people attacked the Waaghof with stones and paint. In this building the prosecutor’s office and a pretrial prison are located, as well as certain units of the police.

Fire to the prisons!
Down with all borders!

[Poland/World] Antifrontex Days in Warsaw from 19 to 22 May 2015

Click the poster to read/spread multilingual call.

For many years, Antifrontex Days have been organised in Warsaw; it’s time to give them a new impetus and strengthen each other’s voices of protest. Thus, together, we, migrants and allies, invite you for the Antifrontex Days, which will take place in Warsaw on 19-22 May. We are waiting for you with meetings, screenings, demonstrations, and associated “Activist Days Off” festival.

We invite groups willing to take an active part in the organisation of the event. We are a small collective from Warsaw, which together with you want to work together deconstructing our privileges and abolishing the boundaries imposed on us. When migrant circles in Europe come together in resistance, and repression is on the rise, we cannot remain passive. Unite against institutional state fascism – in the name of a real and practical transnational solidarity!

Come to Warsaw, from 19 to 22 May 2015! Let’s create a strong front against Frontex!

Antifrontex Days everywhere!

For those who cannot come to Warsaw between the 19th and 22nd of May, we are proposing decentralised days of actions against Frontex. Let it be heard/seen everywhere during these days! We’ll leave the form of solidarity up to your limitless fantasy. You know best what’s most useful in your local context, and where it hurts most.

Down with the borders! Long live active solidarity!

For more information visit: migracja.noblogs.org, contact: antyfrontex@riseup.net