Navarre, Spain: Text by the Durruti Library about the blocking of anarchist prisoners’ correspondence

Freedom for all prisoners – Solidarity is our best weapon – Freedom for Mónica and Francisco

Break the modern Inquisition

On Friday, November 22nd, 2013 the Durruti Library sent telegrams to both of the comrades; the one for Mónica was bounced back with an undelivered notice.

The justice system forbids the access of letters, books or texts to our anarchist comrades Francisco Solar and Mónica Caballero. We believe that no prisoners should be put into a hole and left deserted in the most absolute silence, without the possibility of being able to get in contact with their friends or relatives through even the very limited manner available in prison: letters…

In a situation where only relatives can visit them, to force prisoners break their relations with the people close to them is a disgrace. Dehumanized and humiliated, they are used as hostages. They are also treated with an unnecessary cruelty because breaking their affective relations is, in short, another form of torture.

Moreover, we understand that it is an attempt to extort the prisoners; we say that it is extortion because it punishes the ideas of the prisoners, preventing the free circulation of ideas and, therefore, the freedom of expression that everyone, prisoners too, should be able to have in a so-called democratic regime.

We clearly see the State’s revenge in the censorship to our comrades. It knows well that its approaches and actions are not accepted by most of the oppressed, and that it can only impose its ideas through coercion.

Freedom for Mónica and Francisco!
Freedom for all those who fight!
Enough of inquisitors’ hunt!

Biblioteca Durruti (together with anarchist individualities)

Biblioteca Durruti
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