Frankfurt: Solidarity action for “Lampedusa in Hamburg”

Solidarity with refugees

During the night from Wednesday to Thursday 17.10.2013 we attacked an office of the SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany) in the Nordend district of Frankfrut, and destroyed its windows and doors.

Party functionaries like the SPD mayor Olaf Scholz are responsible for the policy against refugees in Hamburg, a policy that excludes and criminalizes people because of their background, history or skin colour. We know that, as far as these matters are concerned, the SPD in Hamburg is no different than Frankfurt’s SPD. Therefore, this attack does not apply to the SPD in Frankfurt alone; it is instead directed against the entire party and anyone who supports this policy.

Refugees’ passage to Europe is the consequence of a capitalist word order, which make it impossible for a large part of humanity to lead self-determined lives. A flight to the affluent ghettos of Europe seems to be the last chance to escape from persecution and threat of economic existence. The political elites respond with discriminatory laws; the European Union with military foreclosure. In Germany, the ever-present resentments increasingly express themselves with active opposition to the refugees.

We stand up against such an exploitative system, against this policy, and against everyday racism of the societal “middle,” and instead promote our solidarity with refugees and our fight against capital, state and nation.

With this action we show solidarity with illegalized humans in Hamburg and everywhere. We support the claim for a right to stay for all.

We also send solidarity greetings to all activists who, in Hamburg and elsewhere, put up a fight against this racist policy.

No Border, No Nation!