Athens: Solidarity banners for hostages of the Spanish State

Two banners were hanged in the streets of Athens by members of Contra Info as a small sign of counter-informative solidarity. One banner was raised at the entrance to the Polytechnic School of Athens, on Patission Street: “We speak wherever we want about whatever we want. Freedom for the Barcelona 5”; the other was placed at Avdi Square in Metaxourgeio reading: “Solidarity with Gimmy Puglisi and all the prosecuted for the events in Genoa in 2001.” In both cases comrades were kidnapped by the Spanish repressive forces in Barcelona, and are currently held in Madrid prisons. The 5 arrested in Sabadell are in pretrial detention under FIES3 isolation regime, whilst ex-fugitive Francesco Puglisi was sentenced to 14 years in prison last summer and will be extradited to Italy.

Recharge the weapons of solidarity and counter-information!
Solidarity with our imprisoned comrades!
Down with the walls of prisons!

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