Athens: Update on the situation of anarchist prisoner Kostas Sakkas, on hunger strike since the 4th of June

On the 25th of June, the council of appellate judges rejected the motion of Kostas Sakkas. At the same time that judges ratified his prolonged pretrial incarceration for another 6 months, a treating physician from the general hospital of Nikaia reported that the anarchist hunger striker has lost 10kg of weight.

A demonstration for the immediate release of Kostas Sakkas has been called for Saturday the 29th of June, by 11.30am, at Monastiraki Square in Athens. The solidarity assembly’s poster reads: ‘2.5 years imprisoned without trial. The comrade puts his body on the line to resist the modern totalitarianism of the State and Capital. His struggle is a struggle of the whole movement, a struggle of all the oppressed.’