Spain: Update on the situation of the 5 prisoners of Sabadell (Barcelona)


Last week, the 5 anarchists arrested in the province of Barcelona were dispersed to various prisons. Up to this point, they were held in the prison of Soto del Real (Madrid) under pre-trial detention due to “flight risk” and within the FIES3 isolation regime, as ordered by judge Pedraz, who is presiding over the case.

During the last few days, they were transferred to the following prisons:
Yolanda to C.P. Madrid V, Soto del Real
Silvia to C.P. Madrid VII, Estremera
Juan to C.P. Madrid II, Alcalá Meco
José Carlos to C.P. Madrid VI, Aranjuez
Xavier to C. P. Madrid IV, Navalcarnero.

All are still being held under FIES3 regime.

In regards to the judicial procedure, the lawyers (chosen by the accused) made an appeal against the order for pre-trial detention and are waiting for the results. Visits from their close ones, who have already begun to travel to the various locations, have helped greatly to improve the prisoners’ state of mind. Additionally, parcels with clothes and personal goods are being sent, as well as weekly deposits to help with the expenses of the prisoners (the prison imposes a maximum of weekly expenses of 30 euros).

If you want and can contribute economically, to allow the support group to provide for the expenses required for the care of prisoners and their families (e.g. expenses inside, clothing packages, trips for visitations, etc.), you can make a deposit to the following account number: 2038 9252 63 3000365109 (Bankia). This bank account was opened for these purposes, and its management is completely trustworthy (the bank statements will be published; it was opened in Bankia since this met the needs of being a bank with plenty of branches, where there are no commissions for both national and international deposits).

There are various events being held to gather funds in different cities, as well as many support actions taking place.

Additionally, there is a call for a solidarity demo on Friday, June 21st in the evening, and we request as much circulation of this information as possible. Our intention is that actions will take place simultaneously in several cities, both inside of the Spanish State and outside of it.