Belgium – “Operation Ashes”: Comrades’ houses raided and searched

Brussels – May 22, 2013 to 6am, dozens of police officers from the anti-terrorist section of the Federal Judicial Police raided three homes where, among other people, anarchist and anti-authoritarian companions live. The cops also raided the anarchist library Acrata. All those who were present (11) were arrested and taken to the offices of the Federal Police.

The charges are: membership in a terrorist organization, conspiracy and arson. The operation is called “ashes” (Opération Cendres) and is directed by the investigating judge Isabelle Panou, notorious for her long career in government service.

The police confiscated many documents, personal belongings, computers and everything related to computing, GSM (mobile phones), agitation material, etc. During the interrogation—during which everyone refused to cooperate—it appeared that the inquiry covers the struggles, revolts and activities from 2008 to present including those against prisons, construction of the new detention center in Steenokkerzeel, the Brussels transport company (STIB/MIVB), the European institutions and the Eurocrats, the construction of a RER in Brussels, NATO, the deportation machine, bailiffs and the construction of a maxi-prison in Brussels. Publications such as Hors-Service (“Out-of-Service”) were also singled out, and more generally texts, posters, etc. distributed by anarchists and anti-authoritarians.

At 1pm, everyone was released without having to appear before the judge.

Faced with accusations of terrorism and their lot of intimidation and harassment, it is vital that we do not abandon the ideas and acts aimed at the destruction of all authority and the joy of this battle.

Let’s continue to fight for freedom, to bring down this deadly world that oppresses and exploits.

Nothing is finished, everything continues
Let’s attack what oppresses us

Brussels, May 23, 2013

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