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Bern, Switzerland: Clashes after a street resistance party on May 25th

Occupy instead of possessing

The third annual celebration of the street resistance party Tanz Dich Frei (‘dance yourself free’) in the Swiss city of Bern ended with large-scale clashes among hooded street fighters and police forces.

Thousands of people marched dancing toward the local parliament, where the clashes broke out. Rebel youths attacked more than 70 commercial shops and were involved in street fighting, throwing stones, bottles, flares and various objects against the cops.

The pigs say they have arrested more than 60 persons, but there are no updates as of yet regarding the state of arrestees or charges they may face. If you have info from the streets, please contribute.

The apparent social peace in the helvetic metropolis was beautifully shattered. Solidarity with all those who do not bow their head, and fight back even in the belly of the beast!

French reports and more fotos: 1, 2

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