Belgium: Recent attacks and disorder

Incendiary expedition – In Farcienne, a vehicle belonging to the city administration was put on fire on the parking just behind the Administration Building. A bit later, a bit further, a 4×4 was also wrecked by fire. The State is a monster, but a monster with tentacles and weak points. To attack it, there’s no need to look for some heart (by the way, the State hasn’t any), but rather hit there where it cannot defend itself, neither prevent an individual armed with a bit of determination, willing to realise a modest, but significant strike.

One by one – In the prison of Turnhout, a rebellious inmate put fire to ‘his’ cell. The cell was destroyed and five guards were hospitalized after inhaling toxic fumes. Police intervened to maintain order in the rest of the prison. For freedom, solidarity with prisoners who chose to struggle.

Burning car dealerships – In the middle of the night, a fire erupted in the side-building of the car dealership DS Motors in Andenne. The building was destroyed, as well as the 13 vehicles in it. Maybe somebody wanted to clarify something by attacking this symbol of capital and consumption. Elsewhere, in Haine-St-Pierre, a few days later, another arson ravaged the installations of VL Motors. The swift intervention of the firemen could not prevent the destruction of 12 vehicles.

Three in one – On the 10th of March, unknown arsonists put fire to an office building in Anderlecht (Brussels) occupied by Siemens, Fujitsu and Cytec. Damage was considerable; three fires were discovered and it took the firemen 4 hours to extinguish the fire, because the fire spread into the fake ceilings and the isolation of the walls. Siemens is a big player on the international market of industrial technologies destroying the planet (from weaponry to nuclear, from factory technologies over train transport to household appliances); Fujitsu excells in the technological development and telecommunication transforming the world in a mega-machine with the human being as an accessory, while Cytes is a chemical plant producing high quality plastic like you can find everywhere on the fields, beaches, in the rivers and in the middle of the oceans.

From strike to sabotage – In Sprimont, a strike is going on in the company Meister after the direction announced its closure. This time, the workers didn’t just cross arms: tens of computers with maintainance files and planning have disappeared, a whole stock of products was poured into the lake just behind the company. And the registration tapes of the videosurveillance magically disappeared. How it went again? Ah, yes, “Against Capital, steal, plunder and sabotage.”

And a construction site delayed… – In the industrial zoning of Nieuwland in Aarschot, unknown saboteurs penetrated on a construction site: they broke the windows of all machinery and construction containers. The works to build yet another industrial structure will suffer some delays…

Ministry of Paint – End of March, the front side of the Ministry of Justice in St-Gilles (Brussels) was targeted by eager paint throwers.

translated by/from Hors Service, anarchist journal, n° 35, 5th of April 2013