Gothenburg, Sweden: Syndikalistiskt Forum presents a talk on activities and groups in Greece, outside of the major cities

We will have two comrades from Heraklion and Ioannina coming to speak about antifascism, publishing and collectives. We will hear about:

1. Antifascism. The speakers will give an update on events and incidents of the last year and will discuss the actions, strategy and targets of the antifascist movement in Crete, focusing on praxis and self-organisation.

2. The anti-state and anti-capitalist newspaper “Apatris” (or “Stateless”), which is free and comes out monthly across the country. There will be a discussion on radical publishing, distribution, its purpose and uses. This will also be an opportunity for further networking and the sharing of ideas.

3. An anti-capitalist bio-collective, “Oil In The Gears of Movement” in Crete making exceptional virgin olive oil. They will present their organisation, methods, distribution and views on agriculture and the environment. There will also be free samples to taste as well as to purchase on the evening. —BeCollective PDF in Swedish

The two comrades are looking forward to a shared discussion, dialogue and exchange of ideas after the presentation.

Tuesday, April 16th, at 18.00
Free entry but donations for political prisoners in Greece will be greatly appreciated.

Syndikalistiskt Forum, Övre Husargatan 27
Tramstop Linnéplatsen or Olivedalsgatan