Barcelona: Explosive device placed at a bank branch at 146 Sarriá Avenue

until we destroy the last of their properties

We placed an explosive device at the branch of Caixabank located at 146 Sarriá Avenue, at 12.45am on Wednesday, April 10th.

Because we understand that the supposed crisis currently taking place is nothing more than a rearrangement of the system of domination, in which Power uses its classic strategies and tools to keep itself up.

Because we understand that this rearrangement is achieved through repressive and preventive militarization of territory.

Because we understand that the State has fused with Capital, extending its oppressive capacity, disguised as an ideology of citizenship.

Because the bankers and all those who hold unjust power are our enemies.

Because we understand that the only solution to our current situation is generalized disorder and the total destruction of all that stands in the way of our freedom.

For these reasons we carried out this action in one of the neighbourhoods that shelters the Catalan bourgeoisie, accustomed to the peace of their broad green spaces, accustomed to luxury and ostentation, to exploitation and humiliation. That is where the ones responsible for this supposed crisis meet, and where its benefits are felt. The Les Tres Torres neighbourhood of the Sarriá-Sant Gervasi district is where Princess Cristina and her close family live their daily lives, hiding the link between the Spanish crown and Isidre Fainé behind her supposed work activities. Fainé is part of Opus Dei, and president of the banking organ that was the object of this attack, as well as vice president of Telefónica, Repsol YPF and AGBAR, one of the most expensive water providers in Europe.

Domination is supported by individuals and, as is evident, Fainé is one of these. He represents the personification of the State’s connection to Capital.

For all the above mentioned reasons, we believe that this attack is completely justified, as part of the diversity of autonomous initiatives that intend to permanently do away with all forms of authority.

Just to leave no room for doubt: the explosive device was composed of a three kilogram butane gas canister filled with two kilos of powder, along with two disposable camping gas canisters.

Affinity Group for Anarchy