London: Reportback from antifa demo at Holland Park

Over 150 people protested against the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn outside the Greek Embassy last Saturday (19.1.2013). The demonstration drew a large contingent of comrades who held a banner declaring solidarity with the squats Villa Amalias, Skaramaga and Lelas Karagianni 37 in Athens.

Only around 20 fascists turned up in the declared counter-demo, and the manipulative ways of the police liaison team managed to push them along and away from the howling chants and abuse being thrown at them by the antifascists.

Despite the success of the demo, a large contingent of Socialist Workers Party parasites had besieged the protest with their tents and SWP propaganda. The idea they own the Unite Against Fascism in the UK allows them to exercise their authoritarian tendencies, the more honest ones beavering away for the good of the ‘revolution’ and the party (or should we call it the ‘SWP club’). And this despite all the recent scandals concerning the Central Committee’s own constant ‘fascist’ tendencies, which make a mockery of people’s dreams and illusions to find more equality and justice in this new far-right Britain.

Clearly the time has come for those who want to be little short of a slave to rise up and throw off the pretense of reformism in all its ways. Calls to politicians, in this advanced time of Conservative elitist control, will always be met by deaf ears, and as some of these liberals took their stand they asked the impossible: that a far-right government should act against other far-right interests in a State controlled by a Nea Demokratia regime (head of the Greek tripartite government), moving ever-increasingly to the right to appease those who see migrant communities as the cause of economic difficulties, not looking at those who wield the power as the most voracious parasites of all, willing to steal even from the poorest.

In essence, the situations in the States of Greece and the UK are similar except that in the Mediterranean there has been more stick and less carrot than on this frozen island. Recent revelations concerning Aufheben and Libcom’s partnership with police consultants show that the movement is riddled with the same liberal worms that in the same way pollute political life in the streets of Athens. Authoritarian communists and compliant power-hungry Trots destroy the life blood of any real protest in the streets, forcing the hooded to resort to defending Exarchia, while all the forces of ‘dis’order take apart its bases one by one. Mass arrests are becoming all too frequent and many people are deciding to remember they have to breathe a bit freer some of the time.

The neo-liberal world oppression is truly upon us in all its forms and persuasions. The elite have established and routinely eliminated every threat to its supremacy and continue to do so on an everyday basis, using fascism as a tool to repress the antagonist movement at every turn and in every country they experiment a similar degree of control and resultant servitude.

Europe has entered into one of its darkest periods, and not even chaos theory can help us now.