Thrace, Greece: Responsibility claim for the arson attack on a jeep van of the Department for Political Affairs in Xanthi

In the early morning hours of Sunday, January 13th, we attacked the jeep van of the state Department for Political Affairs, which is a branch of the Intelligence Service of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Let’s not kid ourselves: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here, in Thrace, has shown which exact role it holds in this area for decades. Just to remind a few examples: in the 60s the Department for Political Affairs, under the Greek State’s command, had complete jurisdiction and independence over the administration of the (Muslim) minority in Thrace. Ever since, and until 1995, secret agents, mayors and prefects were the ones who decided to exclude the Pomaks on the mountains surrounding the city of Xanthi, placing barriers and deploying troops to check their entrance and exit in/from that zone. They were the ones who repeatedly sent the army to conduct sanitary inspections at the minority. We know it very well; the administration of a minority population is delivered with the aim of the best possible enforcement of the conditions laid down by the States in the game of interstate antagonisms. The heads of the Greek State assign the formulation of national strategy for foreign policy to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is also defending the interests of the Greek Capital abroad.

Let us now recall how easily the Greek Capital expanded in the Balkans during the 90s, participating in two wars (the Serbo-Bosnian warfare, the collapse of Yugoslavia). Having built the required national consensus (rallies for Macedonia), the Greek State took part in both wars, thus negotiating its own terms in order to share the pie after the war. This is how negotiations with the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs are done; with fascists and firearms.

For our part, we consider Bulgarian, Turkish and all other oppressed proletarians our brothers and sisters, regardless of ethnic origin. We stand aggressively and hostilely to any kind of national unity and any state mechanism that aims to safeguard the profits of the bosses and to sow hatred between the multiethnic proletariat.

For its part, ever since the State launched its frontal assault against the lower strata of society, as well as parts of the radical movement, it also reversed its public discourse to an extent of mockery. Glaring example is the renaming of the Ministry of Public Order into Ministry of Citizen Protection. After this particular renaming, state security forces increased quantitatively and qualitatively. They now attack in the most brutal manner against anyone who is causing disturbance and opposing the bosses’ plans.

By this inverted public discourse, the scum dare to talk about ‘anomie’. They talk about anomie while they’re pillorying people in the media without even waiting for their trial (or without even having any incriminating evidence against them in the first place). They talk about anomie despite the fact that they have declared war on society by forcing so many proletarians to stand in the soup kitchen queues or to commit suicide. They talk about anomie while they have personal funds hidden in banks abroad, aided by their established laws. Hell yes, to them, we are anomic individuals because we do not recognize anyone the right to determine our lives by law. We are anomic individuals because we have chosen to be hostile to the State, the Capital’s plans, the fascists and their lackeys. We are anomic individuals because we have chosen to take charge of our own lives and fight for our dignity instead of walking with our heads bowed.

Solidarity with the prosecuted of Villa Amalias squat, Skaramaga squat, and the Radiozones of Subversive Expression 98FM

Solidarity with those in struggle inside and outside prison walls


Anarchists for the dissemination of subversive structures