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Xanthi, Northern Greece: Solidarity with comrades suspected of participation in FAI (Italy)

We dropped a banner from the main entrance of the Polytechnic School in the city centre of Xanthi, reading: “Respect and solidarity to the arrested comrades of FAI”. Our thoughts go out to the comrades arrested for FAI attacks in Italy and all incarcerated comrades everywhere.


Xanthi: Gestures of solidarity with hunger strikers in Greek prisons

Several solidarity gestures with the hunger strikers have taken place in the city of Xanthi (northern Greece):

– on 9/3 a banner was hung against type C maximum security prisons;

– on 13/3 the municipal radio station was symbolically occupied by comrades, who read a text on air, titled “Let’s Bring Down All Prisons”;

– a giant banner […]

Northern Greece: Poster in solidarity with the ‘4 of Kozani’

BREAKING NEWS: Double robbery in Velventos near Kozani


Some people went to expropriate few of what the banks steal on a daily basis from us, the oppressed, the proletarians, the excluded ones. These “charitable” institutions have left so many of the oppressed without shelter or food, and have pushed many people into suicide.

They who regret any […]

Xanthi, Northern Greece: Self-organized spaces and other collectives call for anti-repression demo at the city’s central square

The poster of the open social space Xanadu reads:

Antifascist – anti-repression Political demonstration Against state and parastatal attacks. In opposition to fascism which wants us slaves and cheap at work, at heart and in mind. Solidarity to squats and self-organized spaces.

Saturday, January 26th, 2013, 12.00pm, Central Square (Xanthi) Open Social Space Xanadu located on Spartis […]

Thrace, Greece: Responsibility claim for the arson attack on a jeep van of the Department for Political Affairs in Xanthi

In the early morning hours of Sunday, January 13th, we attacked the jeep van of the state Department for Political Affairs, which is a branch of the Intelligence Service of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Let’s not kid ourselves: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here, in Thrace, has shown which exact role it holds […]

Xanthi, Northern Greece: The self-organized social space Xanadu was torched after being raided by ‘unknown’ perpetrators

On Saturday, December 22nd, at dawn, the open social space Xanadu (operating since 2009 in the city of Xanthi) received a fascist attack.

Fascists attempted to destroy the open social space Xanadu with arson, causing serious material damages and endangering the lives of neighbours.

They failed to destroy the building. We have already begun the restoration works, […]