Greece: Short poem by imprisoned anarchist communist Tasos Theofilou



Someday all this will be finished
and we’re going to say at least we tried.
We have neither been brought to life unfairly
nor become a burden to the Earth unjustly.
We left something behind.

And we’ll have wrinkles on our faces
each wrinkle will be a deep cut
for every moment of agony
for every eternity of loneliness.

Those who are afraid of wrinkles
afraid of their past
their meaningless present
their predetermined future
hate themselves. What they’re becoming.

Time leaves its mark
and we shall bear it proudly.

Prison address:
Anastasios K. Theofilou
Domokos prison, B2 wing

P.C. 35010 Domokos
Fthiotida, Greece