Berlin: Call for solidarity with the antifascist fight in Greece

Events come thick and fast these days in Greece. While the attacks on immigrants, their houses and shops are still going on, the last months showed more and more antifascist activities like manifestations, leaflet distribution and direct answers. Last week, the state power showed once again on which side it stands.

In Volos (29/9), during a gathering of Chrissi Avgi (Golden Dawn), an MP of the fascist party pulled his gun against protesting antifascists before the nose of the police, however at the precinct they were not willing to record the formal complaint of eye witnesses due to “lack of time”.

In the same weekend, there was an antifascist motorbike manifestation in Athens (30/9), to inform the public about the unbearable conditions for immigrants because of the state operation “Xenios Zeus” and to show presence in the streets of Athens. After it clashed with a group of neo-Nazis, police forces started to act brutal against antifascists, whereby some of them were seriously injured. 15 demonstrators got arrested. A solidarity gathering the day after to the court where the prisoners were held was attacked, too. 25 antifascists got arrested, 4 of them were released Friday afternoon. The 19 detained persons reported inhumane conditions and police brutality in custody. They met others that have been “forgotten” there for since 3 months. Costs of any arrest like that are high: only for the arraignment 15,000 euro must be paid. On Friday 5/10 the last 15 arrested persons were released on bail (3,000 euros each).

Besides the aggravation of the situation through Nazis and the police, the government shows once more on which side it stands. So the press office of the public order ministry let it be known (after an announcement of the “leftist” party Syriza), that the government will prompt more measures to enforce law and order. Furthermore they throw leftists in the same pot with the fascists and announced they would contain such antidemocratic tendencies. In reality one makes common cause with the Nazis: while priding themselves with obvious crimes in the media and getting away with it, antifascists are covered with repression.

At the same time, the racist state action “Xenios Zeus” is still going on, with 27,500 custodies of non-Greek persons and approx. 2,600 arrests of people who did not have the necessary papers by now. Everything points to an exacerbation of the situation for immigrants, antifascists and everyone who does not fit into the racist and fascist ideology. The interaction between neo-Νazis and police with the backing of the government and the enforcement of racist laws of deportation are alarming and must be interpreted as prefascist tendencies.

It is an unbearable situation for all forces that are resisting. Thereby, the other European governments certainly do not care about who is governing Greece – as long as the public order is maintained by ten thousands of cops, that guarantee a trouble-free procedure of monetary business. The constant resistance and the anti-repression activities bind capacities again and again. Moreover, sums of money for processes in the actual financial situation are hard to procure.

Solidarity with the antifascist fight in Greece!
United we stand!

Antifas, anarchists and anti-authoritarians in October 2012

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