Switzerland: Letter of Marco Camenisch about the latest anti-anarchist construct in Italy

Note from ABC Berlin: Anarchist Marco Camenisch, imprisoned in Switzerland, has drafted a first letter regarding the “operation boldness” (operazione ardire). He is one of the accused in this frenzied construct against anarchists in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Greece.
Here follows a translation of Marco’s words (we gave it our best shot):

Brief no.1 about the latest anti-anarchist (baptized “bold”, what gives a marked effect to it…) construct by ROS (& f.) – Brutti

ROS stands for the special operations units, which I call dirty operations units (& forgers), since historically I’m a verity-abider. Lidia Brutti is the presiding GIP (judge for preliminary investigations) of the public prosecutor’s office in Perugia.

Preliminary remark: Until today I was not subject to official notices or reactions from the Swiss authorities, and have been informed little by little by the media and via my correspondence. I was delivered by solidarians the—over 200 pages long—construct’s strong indictment dossier, and I leafed through it, thus being able to confirm my initial (from TV and the Press) impression that it is in fact a theorem with more or less conspicuous but overall totally inane “evidence”. I have not yet realized my intention to release a personal public informative and solidarity text. But my revolutionary solidarity beyond all differences against the repression is more than obvious, and more than naturally goes out to comrades arrested and subjected to investigations in this umpteenth construct of the ROS (& f.) under the directorship of the subject Ganzer —the carabiniers’ General, who in 2010 was convicted in the first instance of international drug trade to 14 years in prison!

Today (June 28th) I received from Stefano Fosco, from Pisa prison, two letters dated June 18th and 21st, both postmarked: Pisa 26.06.2012. According to the defense counsel, a speedy transfer of him and Elisa to the high-security prison of Alessandria, or another prison near Perugia, is scheduled. I am as sure as Stefano also is that the accusatorial edifice is bound to collapse; however, it takes time to reconstruct the many years of their existence and of Culmine, and long months in high-security prison lie ahead of them.

During the interrogation by the examining judge, Stefano and Elisa (who are life companions) made use of their right to remain silent (refusal to give evidence), partly because prior to this preliminary hearing they were forbidden contact with the defense lawyer, what is probably illegal, and the lawyer will lodge a complaint.

He recommends a joint technical defense in order to tear the insane charges point by point to pieces. A joint one since there is nothing to conceal because, for example, this is all about statements of anarchist prisoners and dissemination instruments of the same, and citations from books of the 19th century such as Émile Henry. At the moment I am inclined, should the occasion arise, and as soon as it becomes necessary, to join his proposal on grounds of “economy” at all levels, particularly that of hence preventable “frictions”, by employing the same lawyer that Stefano has, or another counsel who would cooperate well with that one.

On the 18th he received a ban on meetings and correspondence with Elisa, and he was totally isolated for 6 days, facing a total ban on visits, having no TV, no newspapers, no radio, placed in bare cells, without even cleaning items.

On the 21st of June he found himself still in total isolation—what at this point is equivalent with the total ban on correspondence under a punitive action—while the only legally decreed prohibition is the ban also on telephone communication with Elisa. The Guantánamo-boys of Pisa assert that ban on contact should also be ban on postal mail. (I’m not surprised; in fact, I know this extreme-fascist prison in Pisa very well, where, as elsewhere, total isolation is simply imposed under the pretext that they ought to have high-security wing for high-security inmates.) They have at least given him TV and on the same day (June 21st) prison yard walk now along with another high-security inmate.

Solidarity and love

Marco Camenisch, Lenzburg warehouse, June 28th, 2012

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