Athens: The Greek judiciary succumbs to the pressure of the terror unit

Savvas Xiros has not yet been transferred to Thessaloniki’s hospital, and remains in the dungeon of Koridallos prisons. The public prosecutor of Piraeus reintroduced the case of Savvas’ motion for a stay of execution of his sentence. The prosecutor now demands that the prisoner will not be treated in a hospital of his own choice—as provided by law—but according to the choice of the antiterrorist unit of the Greek police.

In the morning of Thursday, July 19th, the case will be heard again, in the First Three-Member Misdemeanor Court of Piraeus —the same court that granted Savvas’ motion and decided to suspend his sentence for five months, in order to be transferred and hospitalized into the AHEPA in Thessaloniki, hospital which agrees to treat the patient by lawful statement.