Barcelona, after March 29th: ‘No curtailment of our freedom’

According to latest reports, a new wave of arrests and police raids were carried out in Barcelona and wider Catalonia, but also in Valencia and the Basque Country. Here follow two calls/posters for the upcoming demo in solidarity with the arrestees of March 29th.

Since March 29th three strikers, Javi, Isma and Dani, are held in pretrial incarceration due to the events that unfolded in Barcelona on that same day. Some of the detained comrades were released on bail and many others are still prosecuted. Despite its predictable cause, this repression rise can be traced in the constant fear of the system for days like 29M, as well as in its oppressive and authoritarian nature. Neither social cuts, precariousness, misery have stopped us, nor will threats of new repressive laws or our comrades’ isolation do so. We will not accept it. As response, solidarity groups called for a demonstration in Barcelona on April 22nd, demanding the release and acquittal of prosecuted strikers.

Demonstration for the strikers’ liberation
Sunday, April 22nd, 18.00, Plaça de Catalunya (Catalonia Square)

On March 29th, 79 people were arrested across Catalonia, 56 of them in Barcelona. The authorities ordered the pretrial incarceration of three arrestees, Javi, Isma and Dani. Far from legal, reasons for this have been the criminalization in the media and the social alarm raised by the regional minister of the Interior, Felip Puig.

After a general strike that managed to get hundreds of thousands out in the streets, they want to criminalize the protests and misguide the debate so that we forget why we demonstrate.

They have imprisoned three persons, while a hundred are awaiting trial; they have caused injuries to more than a hundred people only in Barcelona, and on the top of all this, the Generalitat of Catalonia and the Spanish State are threatening us with new repressive measures.

In the weeks to come, the provincial court will rule upon the the appeal lodged by the lawyers of Javi, Isma and Dani. We want them to know that they are not alone. This is why the support groups for imprisoned and arrestees of 29M general strike invite you to join us on the streets, to feel strong altogether and scream out loud that we want them free, demanding the withdrawal of charges for all the prosecuted of the general strike.

Freedom for Javi, Isma and Dani!
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