Indonesia: Counter-information blog Memori Senj[A] was put under police investigation

We received one more bad news from the city of Malang, East Java, about our comrades, brothers and sisters in arms in the war against the State, the Capital and today’s society. A counter-information weblog called Memory Senj[A] (formerly at can no longer now be accessed because it was put under police investigation.

This happened after four comrades were arrested by the pigs while they were carrying out actions of vandalism as a token of solidarity with the many struggles that occur asymmetrically.

These four comrades were caught on Friday, April 20th, 2012, and underwent a long interrogation for 17 hours. Various items such as solidarity posters, paint pylox, zines and also the diary of one of the comrades were confiscated. Although they were released, all four are called to go back to the police barracks on Monday, April 23rd, for an absurd reason: to undergo further investigation.

No comrade to be left alone!
Every opponent of today’s society today is a brother and sister in arms!
Long live the rebellion!

roughly translated from negasi / get the details from 325