Lyon, France: Railway sabotage in solidarity with the NO TAV struggle

On Thursday, March 1st, at approximately 13.30, nearly thirty comrades with their faces covered stormed the entrance of the ‘Technicentre’ in Croix-Barret Street in Lyon. The Technicentre is a maintenance facility of the SNCF, the National Corporation of French Railways which also operates the high-speed train (TGV). The building has a direct entrance to the railroad (they bring in trains to be repaired, for example). The comrades ran on the railway tracks between Jean-Macé and Perrache train stations, targeting the catenaries with sand-filled sacks and weighted balls, before disappearing. They also held a banner that read ‘NO TGV Lyon–Turin’.

This direct action, among others, delayed the arrival of ministers Pécresse and Wauquiez in the city, as trains were blocked for about an hour, and more disruptions in railway traffic followed.

Another solidarity banner for the NO TAV struggle in Val di Susa that read ‘Luca will live, the struggle will live’ was unfolded from a bridge of the SNCF on the highway to Vienna.