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[Italy] Furor Manet

received  08/14/18


2016, September. Operation “Scripta Manent”, carried forth by the turinese prosecutor Sparagna, leads to the arrest of 8 comrades, the main accusation being the creation of a subversive organization with terrorist aims.

Along with this, the imputation includes several other attacks, all signed FAI (informal anarchist federation) and FAI/FRI (informal anarchist federation/international revolutionary front). At the present time, six comrades are still in jail and another one is kept prisoner in her own house. In the meantime, inside the Turin bunker courtroom the trial continues at a steady pace. Scores of policemen from several different towns climb the stage of the courthouse, supposedly in order to reconstruct the history of the contemporary anarchist movement. The very beginning is identified, as we saw many other times already, at the time of the Marini trial, during the 90’s. Starting from those years, the professional peeping toms begin to enumerate and distort every small, insignificant and personal detail stolen, with an unstoppable and obsessive dig work, from our lives and our relations. A sad, mechanical and deterministic picture about which we couldn’t care less.

Within individual differences and bitter arguments sometimes heavily loaded with opposing tensions, lies the history of the anarchist movement, which is, the history of every single one of us, with all its contradictions.

To that history belong revolutionary methods, some of which now sit among the accused in Turin courthouse.

In times like this, more than ever, to support revolutionary methods means fighting against State repression, aimed to bury our comrades beneath years of jail and to destroy the history of the anarchist movement.

Not a step back, for Anarchy.

Cassa antirep. Alpi Occidentali

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Italy: Call for International Solidarity on 16 November — Scripta Manent Trial

On November 16th, at 10 am, in front of the high security court in Turin, will be held the first hearing of the trial Scripta Manent, and it will be a long-running case, in which 22 anarchist comrades are charged, and seven of them are still in prison.

The repressive State apparatus accuses a part of the anarchist movement of attacking it with the practices of: destructive direct action against its structures and its men, realization and distribution of anarchist publications, and support for revolutionary prisoners.

The theorem of prosecutor Sparagna is that the positions of accused comrades are isolated and distant from the anarchist context.

It is a blatant attempt to factionalise and confine the anarchism to certain fenced enclosures, legal and interpretative.

We demolish the attempt to isolate these comrades and we affirm that the practices and positions they are accused of, constitute a patrimony of all anarchists and revolutionaries, and we reaffirm our closeness and our solidarity with the defendants.

We make a call to take part in the gathering on Thursday, November 16th, at 10 am, in front of the high security court of “Le Vallette” Turin prison, and we relaunch the call for international solidarity with all anarchist, rebel and revolutionary prisoners; in any place and in accordance with the modalities that each person considers more appropriate.

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[Italy] Anarchist comrades Billy, Costa and Silvia have trial process ended

Fight against biotech does no stops, solidarity and complicity

received 10/10/17
A few days ago the trial court in Turin held a hearing of the trial going on in the Italian state against eco-anarchist comrades Billy, Costa and Silvia. The Supreme Court confirmed the “non-procedural default of jurisdiction”, as already decided at first instance and in appeal, for the principle of not being able to process twice a defendant for the same act. It then closes once and for all, with this definitive decision, their affair in the state courts.

Solidarity to the comrades – Fire to IBM and the techno-prison world

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Vienna: Italian embassy attacked – solidarity with imprisoned anarchists in Turin!

Received on 25 May 2017:

Last night, to express our active solidarity, we have attacked the Italian embassy with colour bombs.

For the immediate release of Antonio, Antonio & Francisco, who have been in prison since May 3rd.

For the repeal of the house arrest of Giada, Fabiola & Camille.

They are accused of resisting a police raid in their neighbourhood in February.

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Italy: The attorney of Turin appealed the sentence in the trial against Silvia, Billy and Costa

The state attorney of Turin, represented by Arnaldi Di Balme, was not pleased with the sentence of nonsuit due to the “ne bis in idem”, that because of lack of jurisdiction the case was not allowed to proceed. Now they are getting back on track appealing against all the jurisprudence and asking for a new process. Once again the persecutor is insisting on claiming that the transport of explosive material and the attempted attack to target IBM in Switzerland was planned in Italy.

The attorney is trying to proof this based upon the participation of Silvia, Billy and Costa in the Coalizione contro le nocivitá / Coalition against nocivity (toxicity/harmfulness). An experience of struggle against harmfulness that during its active years has created an active projectuality against bio- and nanotechnologies.

These attempts of repression should come as no surprise; the law is built specifically to repress critical and struggling environments that go against this exploitive system.

For us it remains clear that it is a necessity to get rid of this ecocidal system that uses science and research as their executive branch.

For those who would like to deepen their understanding we suggest the reading of the publication “Solidarity and Complicity – A collection of texts around the attempted sabotage of the IBM nanotech labs in Switzerland and on the expression of solidarity when the repression got the upper hand” (at the moment only in Italian).

(August 26th 2016)

Turin: Call for three days of discussion and struggle against borders and concentration system

via Macerie



From Idomeni to Calais, images of people trying to pass borders more and more insuperable get to us. At the same time the European states are reorganising the internal management of immigration through new sorting facilities, and heightening control in administrative detention centres.

For these reasons it’s necessary to gather and discuss about latest evolutions.

These meetings want to raise critical points, both theoretical and practical, and focus on difficulties that came up during the latest struggles, in Italy but not only, with migrants and immigrants. Although we are aware of the difficulty and complexity of this purpose, we think it’s indispensable to have an open debate not dictated by movement commitments and due dates. Essentially, we feel the urge to restart a discussion about these specific matters, without the obligation to reach a conclusion on analysis and propositions, but rather a prolific playing field where to find ourselves in the coming months.

Aim of the first two days:

– Have a debate with several militants regarding international migration politics related to flow of migrants and closure of the borders.

– Take stock of evolution of reception and rejection system implemented in Italy starting from Hotspot, the so called “secondary care” (accoglienza secondaria), to sectioning in CIE.

– Have a debate with militants involved in various activities against immigration management, as struggle against CIE and against borders.

– Have a debate with militants coming from abroad who stood by refugees and asylum-seekers in struggles.

We would like to concentrate the discussion on the following points:

– The arrival of large groups of immigrants foreseen in the next months can produce again a situation like the one occurred last year in Ventimiglia, where hundreds of displaced people are gathering. The closure of Austrian border is blocking the path toward Northern-Europe, probably redirecting people coming from Balkans and Southern-Europe to the north-west border. How to plan an intervention that takes into account practical circumstances that happen in these situations? How to carry on an active solidarity with migrants without falling in aid mechanism but rather restarting the course of struggle and complicity? What limits and what possibilities are these situations of emergency offering?

– The enormous flow of migrants goes through newly-opened Hotspot, that acts like filters from which the destination of each migrants is decided, and then sorted, in “secondary care” structures, as Sprar, Cas and Cara. Many years have passed since these places were created but lately they are spreading in order to face a bigger number of asylum-seekers. The excuse of giving shelter, used to justify the existence of these structures, covers up a complex net of tenders where companies and cooperatives cash in huge profits in supplying services. The “parking lot” offered to asylum-seekers forces many of them to undergo a course of integration, real or less real, built on educational activities and exploitation of labour. Besides these official courses, secondary care structures represent in many cases a source of low-cost workers employed in agriculture, construction or restaurant industry, where gang-master system has considerable scope for making money. What are the possibilities to take actions against cooperatives, NGOs, associations or institutions that manage these structures? How to intercept moment of conflict provoked by migrants and which ways to take part in them? How to stand against welcoming propaganda, highlighting its inconsistencies and its purpose of control?

– CIE is the last transit place for immigrants waiting rejection, captured during police raids or coming from prisons, going ashore or crossing borders. Even if the management of CIEs changes depending on their location and supervisors, in the last years such structures tend to become more similar to prisons: the internal repression exhibited with intense control, isolation cells, requisition of cell phones used to communicate with the outside world, prove this theory. Yet still, uprising and escaping of prisoners show a clear example of how to get rid of those places. Management of services is a stable source of profit for companies and institutions, that sometimes work both in CIE and secondary care structures. How to support uprisings of prisoners from outside and how to carry on the struggle against CIEs autonomously?

Event calendar:

Friday, May 20th

19:00, debate on management and control systems of immigration. From rejection to welcoming.

Saturday, May 21st

10:00, meeting in Piazza della Repubblica, on Corso Giulio Cesare side.

14:30, description of various experiences in the struggle beside sans-papiers. There will be a speech by militants from France.

19:30, discussion on borders locking and experiences from the last year.

Sunday, May 22nd

16:00, meeting in front of CIE, Corso Brunelleschi.

In order to make anyone aware of the different situations we will speak about, you can send to us, before the events, some contribution to the e-mail address:

The contributions will be published on Macerie

Debates will take place at Asilo occupato in via Alessandria 12, Torino.
Bring your sleeping bag.

Italy: Billy, Costa and Silvia sent to trial again

On July 17th 2015, the preliminary hearing against Silvia Guerini, Costantino ‘Costa’ Ragusa and Luca ‘Billy’ Bernasconi took place in Turin, Italy. The three have been previously arrested and jailed for several years in Switzerland, accused of having organised an act of sabotage against a nanotechnology research centre of IBM, under construction at the time. On April 15th 2010, they were stopped and arrested by Swiss police who searched their car and found explosives, as well as leaflets claiming the imminent action under the name ‘Earth Liberation Front Switzerland’.

They have now been indicted according to the article 110 of the Italian penal code, which is used to punish offenses of criminal association. Particularly they’re accused of having conspired together to plan the action in Italy, of having illegally obtained the materials needed to assemble and prepare explosive devices, and of having smuggled such devices between the Italian and Swiss border. All charges include the aggravating circumstance of the ‘purpose of terrorism’, historically used in political trials in Italy to obtain long pretrial detention, and longer prison sentence if found guilty.

The judge at the preliminary hearing accepted the thesis proposed by the deputy prosecutor Enrico Arnaldi Di Balme and found irrelevant that Billy, Costa and Silvia have already been tried and convicted in the Swiss Confederation.

The trial will commence on January 13th 2016 in Turin. Let’s use it as an occasion to relaunch the struggle against environmental destruction.

In view of the trial, the three comrades are facing a hard time and need to cover several legal expenses, so they’ve shared a call for support. Any help is much appreciated. Donations can be made to: conto corrente postale intestato a (postal current account payable to) Marta Cattaneo, IBAN: IT11A0760111100001022596116, BIC: BPPIITRRXXX. Please specify donation reason: solidarietà a Silvia Billy Costa (solidarity with Silvia Billy Costa).

More info on the case and updates (in Italian):

France: Organisation of a NO TAV march for summer 2015

Long march against the TAV Lyon-Turin project – In preparation for the 1st-15th July 2015. For more info and/or to participate: marchenotav[at]rebellyon.info / marchenotav.noblogs.org

January 15th 2015

Danger warning: the TAV is under way again. So what about us?

The proponents of the Lyon-Turin high-speed rail announced for January 2015 the resumption of work in Saint-Martin-de-la-Porte, Maurienne [south-east of France].

Why? Because they have free rein to do so.

In France the mobilisation against the TAV never really took off, which consequently they benefit from. Without a doubt, the tunneling between Saint-Martin-de-la-Porte and the village of Chiomonte [in Italy] will kick off this year. The more the work progresses, the more it seems difficult to oppose the developers.

There is still much to imagine for the project to be abandoned. It therefore seems particularly appropriate to go beyond the proposed “green” TAV rhetoric or a simple alternative to the planned route. It is time to get together on the work locations. It’s with a local presence that we can be efficient and effective to prevent or slow down the construction site.

In the Susa Valley, work is progressing at a snail’s pace, thanks to the daily mobilisation of inhabitants of the valley, as well as a whole bunch of people who lend a strong hand from all over Italy.

For too long in France we await those in Italy to solely achieve victory. On the other side of the border, every year since 2005, demonstrations of over 60,000 people are faced with the police, the army and the mafia.

Last year, NO TAV protesters marched through the valley of Avigliana in Chiomonte, stopping off in villages on route. They ate together, walked together, and slept on terrains lent by residents. They took their time, time that will disappear with the TAV.

From there was born the desire to have a march for a few days this summer, on this side of the border. Do one end of the route on foot, between Lyon and the Susa Valley; stopping off where people are willing to accommodate us for a night or two, lend a barn, or a piece of land. We would like to organise concerts, screenings, discussions, hold orienteering events, build cabins…

Without claiming to be thousands, we hope that at least it would allow us to talk about the project and the struggle to prevent it that has lasted for many years; and why not other struggles intersect, mingle together on this occasion.

So if you are ready to do a part of the march with us, to organise in your town a concert or dinner with or without us; if you are ready to host us, or simply come one evening to tell your stories about the struggle against the Lyon-Turin high-speed rail (and other struggles), you are invited to respond to us as soon as possible, so that we can then meet and organise.

Further reading: Brief history of TAV Turin-Lyon project and of the struggle against it (1988-2011)

Italy – No TAV: Convictions and tear gas on the motorway

(June 27th, 2011: Eviction of the Free Republic of Maddalena)

The so-called ‘No TAV mega-trial’ has finished its activities at first instance, in which 53 comrades are involved over the eviction resistance of the Free Republic of Maddalena on June 27th, 2011, and for the attack of the construction site of Chiomonte on July 3rd that followed. Charges of causing bodily-harm and aggravated violence, resistance against custodial staff of the public authority, defacement and covering faces (masking up) became sentences which varied between a few months and four and a half years in prison for 47 defendants. Heavy sentences, but less than the requests of the prosecutors Pedrotta and Quaglino—who, on October 7th, 2014, demanded 200 years of prison in total—except for a few comrades, against whom the judge decided to tighten the screw a bit more than what was proposed by the prosecution. On the other hand, six people were acquitted of charges.

When leaving the room, the No TAV supporters present at the trial invaded and blocked the route of Corso Regina Margherita for about twenty minutes in both directions, at the point of the bunker room [the special court of Torino, built into the Vallette jail, near the beginning of the motorway], to protest against the sentences given by the judges.

Another gathering happened the same afternoon at Bussoleno train station at 6pm. This transformed into a march of about 250 people, who at first blocked the main road, then tried to invade the motorway. The police managed to put themselves in the way in time to prevent this first attempt, but then were quickly bypassed by a large group of protesters, who scattered through the meadows, and seized one of the two sides of the motorway. The occupation of the motorway lasted approximately half an hour until the arrival of other police forces that attacked with shots of tear gas and some charges. Five comrades were arrested during these events, two of whom were released shortly after. The motorway was then reopened, well protected by officers, whilst the main road was still blocked. At around 11.30pm, the three No TAV arrested during the police charges on the motorway were then released with a summons to the court.

Translated and (a tiny bit) adapted from Macerie

A large protest has been called on February 21st in Turin to demonstrate that everything continues and that the 145 years of prison-time which were distributed do not diminish the determination of the No TAV struggle.

Turin: New Year’s Eve greetings

Late afternoon on December 31st, 2014, a group of people in solidarity with undocumented migrants greeted with fireworks those incarcerated at the CIE (Centre for identification and deportation) located in Corso Brunelleschi in Turin. On the stroke of midnight, also at the prison of Le Vallette the prisoners attended a pyrotechnic spectacle and heard shouts of freedom from those who came to greet them. On the inside, the loud noise made by the detainees warmed the spirits of the solidarians, who answered with shouting and firecrackers.

source: macerie

[Italy] “Guilty of resisting”: Anarchists Chiara, Claudio, Mattia and Niccolò sentenced to 3 years and 6 months

On December 17th, 2014, after a two-hour closed session, the Special Court of Assize of Turin sentenced Chiara Zenobi, Claudio Alberto, Mattia Zanotti and Niccolò Blasi to 3 years and 6 months each. The four comrades, imprisoned since December 9th, 2013, were found guilty of having sabotaged the TAV construction site in Chiomonte but were all acquitted of terrorism-related charges, for which the prosecutor had asked for a total sentence of nine years and a half.

In the meantime, anarchists Francesco Sala and Graziano Mazzarelli – arrested in July 2014 along with comrade Lucio Alberti for the same facts of which the other four were convicted at first instance – were both transferred to the high security section of Ferrara prison. The transfer is a direct consequence of the charges of “attack with the purpose of terrorism” that the Turin prosecutors pressed against Lucio, Francesco and Graziano a week ago.

Graziano Mazzarelli, Francesco Sala
c/o C.C. via dell’Arginone, 327, IT-44100 Ferrara

Lucio’s address, for now, remains the same:
Lucio Alberti
c/o C.C. via Cassano Magnago 102, IT-21052 Busto Arsizio (Varese)

Freedom for anarchists Chiara, Claudio, Mattia, Niccolò, Lucio, Fra and Graziano!

Turin: Update from the trial against anarchist prisoners Chiara, Claudio, Mattia and Niccolò

On November 14th, 2014, Macerie transmitted that, in the bunker courtroom of Turin’s prison Le Vallette, the bastard prosecutors Rinaudo and Padalino requested heavy sentences against imprisoned anarchists Chiara Zenobi, Claudio Alberto, Mattia Zanotti and Niccolò Blasi: 9 years and 6 months for all four comrades on charges of attacking with purposes of terrorism, committing terroristic attack with deadly weapons and explosives, possession and transport of war weapons, and causing damage to public functionary by fire and violence. Among the civil plaintiffs, the Lyon Turin Ferroviaire (LTF) claimed the “symbolic” amount of 50 thousand euros as compensation for the act of sabotage.

In September 2014, Chiara, Claudio, Mattia and Niccolò proudly assumed responsibility for their participation in the sabotage at Chiomonte’s TAV construction yard that occurred in May 2013.

The sentencing hearing takes places on the 17th of December 2014.

Italian prisons: Strike of anarchist prisoners in solidarity with Graziano Mazzarelli

Since Monday, September 1st, comrade Chiara Zenobi, NO TAV prisoner who is currently held in Rebibbia prison in Rome, has been on yard strike, refusing to go out on scheduled yard time, to protest against the isolation imposed on Graziano Mazzarelli, anarchist kept in solitary confinement at Borgo San Nicola prison in Lecce since his arrest, almost two months ago, who is charged in the same case (attack on the TAV worksite in Chiomonte in the night between the 13th and 14th of May 2013).

On August 3rd, Graziano was moved to another individual cell, which made his situation even worse. The cells next to his are empty, and he is meant to go out alone in a messy yard. Furthermore his letters are stolen by jailers on a weekly basis, and the simplest daily needs, such as washing dirty clothes, are continuously hindered or delayed.

Chiara’s refusal to go to the yard continues as long as Graziano is subjected to solitary confinement, a regime desired by both the prison administration in Lecce and the Turin prosecutors who, as often happens in such cases, are shifting the responsibility to each other.

Since the morning of September 9th, comrades Niccolò Blasi and Mattia Zanotti have been on yard strike, too, while Claudio Alberto joined them on the morning of September 10th. According to recent updates, also comrades Lucio Alberti and Francesco Sala will carry out similar forms of protest against the isolation inflicted on Graziano.

A call is made to support the initiative of solidarity with Graziano and put pressure on those responsible for this treatment, namely prosecutors Rinaudo and Padalino as well as the prison director in Lecce, Rita Russo, by sending faxes to the prosecutor office in Turin (0114327453) and the prison in Lecce (0832387496). A fax model can be found here in pdf format.

Below are the prison addresses of the 7 anarchists co-accused in the TAV yard attack case:

Francesco Sala
C.C. Via Palosca, 2 – 26100 Cremona, Italia

Lucio Alberti
C.C. Via Cassano Magnago, 102 – 21052 Busto Arsizio (Varese), Italia

Graziano Mazzarelli
C.C. via Paolo Perrone, 4, Borgo San Nicola – 73100 Lecce, Italia

Niccolò BlasiMattia Zanotti
C.C. San Michele strada Casale, 50/A – 15121 Alessandria, Italia

Claudio Alberto
C.C. Via dell’Arginone, 327 – 44100 Ferrara, Italia

Chiara Zenobi
C.C. “Rebibbia” Via Bartolo Longo, 92 – 00156 Roma, Italia

UK: Leaflets given out in London on the 28th of June, in solidarity with hunger strikers in Greek prisons

Click image to read a leaflet handed out at a noise demo outside Holloway prison and at a meeting in solidarity with anti-eviction fighters raided and arrested in Turin, Italy on the 3rd of June (constantly updated list of comrades in prison or house arrest here).

It’s time to act with all means in solidarity with the hunger strikers in Greek prisons!

Italy: An invitation from the AS2 wing of Alessandria prison, 10.12.2012


To break out of the encirclement!

We ask comrades to send us new publications produced by the anarchist movement in Italian, English and Spanish. We also invite those who have printed leaflets, posters, articles on our case to pass them on to us and of course to keep us informed about the different struggles that are carried out in Greece, Mexico, Chile, Spain, Bolivia, etc. For anarchy as always! —Nicola and Alfredo

Nicola Gai
Alfredo Cospito

Carcere Circ. San Michele, Strada Casale 50/a, IT-15122 Alessandria


Italy: Update on anarchist prisoners Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai

On November 21st it was confirmed that Nicola Gai was transferred into the first high security wing (AS1) of San Michele prison in Alessandria, after two months of isolation regime in the prison of Sanremo.

The ban of meeting between Nicola and Alfredo has finally been revoked, and only their correspondence remains under censorship so far.

We send a strong embrace of solidarity to both Nicola and Alfredo as well as all the other comrades currently imprisoned in the dungeons of Alessandria and across Italy.

You may send your letters to both comrades at this address:

Nicola Gai
Alfredo Cospito

Carcere San Michele, strada Casale 50/A, IT-15122 Alessandria

Italy: Imprisoned anarchists Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai got transferred

In the morning of November 12th, Alfredo Cospito was transferred from Sanremo hellhole to the prison of Alessandria, while Nicola Gai was still held in solitary confinement in Sanremo. On November 14th, Nicola Gai got transferred to another prison, too (unknown so far). Both comrades are accused of shooting CEO Roberto Adinolfi of Ansaldo Nucleare in Genoa, action claimed by the Olga Cell/FAI-FRI in May 2012.

Meanwhile, after the news of the first prison transfer, the scheduled solidarity gathering for Alfredo and Nicola (initially in front of Sanremo prison) was relocated to Alessandria. The rally will take place on Saturday, November 17th, by 15.00 (local time) in front of Alessandria prison.

Updates will follow here. You may send your letters to:

Alfredo Cospito
Carcere San Michele, strada Casale 50/A, IT-15122 Alessandria

sources: i, ii, iii

Italy: Update on imprisoned anarchists Nicola Gai and Alfredo Cospito

October 19th, 2012

Over a month after their arrest, comrades Nicola Gai and Alfredo Cospito remain in solitary confinement, currently in the prison of Sanremo; namely they undergo personal body search and cell search every morning, they are not allowed to contact each other or communicate with other prisoners, they have only an hour of fresh air each day, in a space of the size of a prison cell—with the variation of a wire net on the ceiling instead of bars on the windows—and they’re placed under censorship: when correspondence comes in, all of it is controlled by censorship and delivered to them with a delay of 10 or 15 days, other correspondence is seized without any notification of the sender and amount of incoming mail, while it’s not permitted to keep more than 10 books in the cell, and thus to receive other books via correspondence; and this brief note indicates only the reality of Sanremo prison.


To break this isolation and these cages, here’s the comrades’ address
(for the time being):
Nicola Gai – Alfredo Cospito
Casa Circondariale Sanremo
Via Valle Armea 144
IT-18038 Sanremo, Imperia


Italy: Letter of Anna Beniamino in solidarity with her comrades Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai

September with whomever you want?

On Friday, September 14th, Nicola and Alfredo were arrested –anarchists known for years in Turin and Italy– on charges that are not exactly the lightest: attack with intent of terrorism for the wounding of the CEO of Ansaldo Nucleare, action claimed in May 2012 by Olga Cell FAI-FRI.

At the moment of the detention nothing came out except a reconstruction with a little bit of art by the ROS (Carabinieri special forces) and the DIGOS (political police forces), in quarrelsome union, which had led to an initial request for arrest warrants on July 11th, 2012, that was then rejected by the investigating judge due to lack of probative value of incriminating evidence.

After the refusal of the investigating judge, the public prosecutor insisted by unleashing –with meager results– forces of the RIS (Carabinieri scientific investigation division), ROS, DIGOS, etc., and instigated compulsively the aforesaid, who after a further scrambling of interceptions, old information packages and various amenities produced the masterpiece: they should be arrested for danger of escape; they want to escape, first in June and then in September, financing the golden absconding with the proceeds of a tattoo convention; they will either go to France, or Portugal, or Mexico, probably with the help of a Toyota Picnic model ready for the scrap yard, possibly by selling the paintings they have at home; they should be arrested for danger of escape, or in fact because one goes to work, and cannot even plan vacations; they should be arrested because they’re insurrectionary anarchists, or rather filobrigatisti (sympathizers of the Red Brigades) –considering that they went to listen to the public speech of the already known brigatista Sante Notarnicola, who was recently released from prison–; they should be arrested because they rip microphones and telecameras when found all over their house, because they hang around with previous offenders, because they check the Internet for news of the investigations on the aforementioned wounding and other news of anti-anarchist repression, because they make playful comments about continuous raids and investigations though well aware of being eavesdropped, because they stop the same cops who follow them at their discretion, because they make a journal called ‘KNO3’, because they have another trial in progress, prosecuted under Article 270bis, in Perugia; because for 15 years –from the Marini trial onwards– they’re being investigated by a wide variety of Italy’s prosecution offices, so there has to be something there.

I know I have two friends, comrades, brothers, or such as I prefer to call them in 15 years of our love and friendship; I know they’re in prison, in solitary confinement, I know we have to fight for their freedom and the liberation of all prisoners; all the rest are flimsy paperwork in the police headquarters and chatters in the pubs.

irremediably for anarchy

You may write to both imprisoned comrades at:
Nicola Gai – Alfredo Cospito
Casa Circondariale Sanremo
Via Valle Armea 144

IT-18038 Sanremo, Imperia


Turin: Update on imprisoned anarchists Nicola Gai and Alfredo Cospito


September 18th

Alfredo and Nicola remain in the same prison (‘Le Vallette’ of Turin). It is not yet known if and when they will be transferred to another prison.

In the meantime, they have prohibition of meetings with each other or family members and with other anarchists.

The court hearing that was set for September 25th in Perugia for the so-called Operation Shadow, in which Alfredo is also accused, has now been postponed for October 30th.

Nicola and Alfredo are subjected to isolation but they can receive mail, newspapers, magazines, books.

Prison address:
Nicola Gai – Alfredo Cospito, C.C. Lorusso e Cotugno, via Pianezza 300, IT-10151 Torino

Italy, 14/9: Two comrades arrested and charged with attacking Adinolfi

After a long summer during which operations “Ardire”, “Mangiafuoco”, “Ixodidae (Zecca)” and “Thor” were launched, anarchists take first place among the internal enemy that must be sterilized to avoid dangerous and virulent contagion of hostilities and struggle…

A new repressive operation, organized by Genoa’s prosecutor after the kneecapping of Roberto Adinolfi (on May 7th), the CEO of Italian nuclear firm Ansaldo Nucleare, led units of the ROS (Carabinieri special forces) and the DIGOS (political police) inside apartments of numerous comrades, while two anarchists from Turin, Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai, were arrested on September 14th. A third comrade, Anna Beniamino, is under investigation but not in prison.

The regime’s media talk of investigations and raids in Turin, Cuneo, Pistoia and Bordighera. Also, according to mainstream journalists, among the elements in the possession of the investigators there is footage with both Alfredo and Nicola seen at the train station of Genoa, as well as surveillance cameras data (giving authorities the benefit of biometrics facial recognition), etc.

Alfredo, Anna and Nicola have publicly disclosed evidence about permanent surveillance on them for months now, including bugs and cameras in their homes, constant police tracking and following/stalking (see i, ii, iii, iv).

The two comrades are being held in Turin prison, pending validation of their arrests/pretrial detentions. In the coming days, it is possible that they’ll be transferred to another hellhole. Meanwhile, you may write and send them telegrams at:

Nicola Gai
Alfredo Cospito

C.C. via Pianezza 300, IT-10151 Torino

Solidarity with arrested and under investigation.
Freedom now for Nicola and Alfredo!

Update: The judge for the preliminary investigations validated the arrest of Alfredo, and rejected that of Nicola, who nevertheless remains in prison, too, because of a new remand order that was issued against him.

Italy: December 2009 arrestees write about their appeal trial on June 28th in Athens–Greece

Communiqué (29/6) by Italian comrades who were arrested during the December 2009 demonstration in Athens:


The background
On the night of December 6th, 2008, two police officers on patrol in the streets of Exarchia, popular neighbourhood of Athens, shoot to death the 15-year-old Alexis Grigoropoulos. In the following hours, the rage of people in Exarchia is unleashed, giving life to numerous spontaneous protest marches through the neighbourhood’s streets, thus sparking—with the diffusion of this news in an already explosive social situation—a true generalized revolt, which spreads throughout the capital and then also nationwide, putting the Hellenic forces of order under strain for more than a month. Also, numerous solidarity initiatives are being reported in major European cities and beyond.

The facts
Athens, December 2009; many initiatives have organized protests across Greece on the occasion of the first anniversary of Alexis’ death. Saturday, December 5th; a gathering is organized by the neighbourhood assembly in Exarchia close to the place where the boy was killed. The remembrance is still vivid in people’s memories, and the rage mounts. The gathering is followed by a spontaneous march through the neighbourhood’s streets. The district is heavily loaded with ‘Delta’, an anti-riot motorized unit purposely instituted in order to quell street demonstrations in the light of last year’s riots. Following clashes, 12 people are arrested, including five Italian anarchists that are released the next Monday with various charges, including resistance, attempted bodily injuries to public officer, damage and disturbance of communal peace —an offense comparable to the Italian equivalent of public nuisance, which however provides for heavy penalties under a law enacted ad hoc in Greece shortly before, to penalize dissent in the streets.

The trial
On November 14th, 2011, the hearing of the first-instance trial takes place in Athens against the arrestees of the 2009 clashes. At the hearing the accusation witnesses, namely the same Delta unit cops, present themselves in numbers and provide a version of the events clearly machinated and orchestrated in order to inflict the maximum possible sentences for the defendants, revealing the Greek State’s intention to strike an exemplary repressive blow. The heaviest sentences are ranging between 5 and 6 years in prison. The prosecutor’s fury goes further, as he declares the willingness to immediately apply for a European arrest warrant for the five Italian comrades. Also, the formulation of convictions singles out: for all, 4 years plus several months, from 12 to 24, depending on the defendant. The 4 years are in fact attributable to the single offense’s infringement of disturbance of communal peace.

On June 28th, 2012, the appeal hearing is due to take place in Athens. It is evident that the Greek State places heavy emphasis on this process to give a strong signal to all those who decide not to accept passively the destiny that somebody else has decided for them and that, in the face of police violence, choose to fight back and unleash their own rage towards those who daily exploit and oppress their existence. Certainly, the repression will not manage to curb the flooding river of social revolt that still inundates the Greek streets, and not only.

some defendants

Anarchist Alessio Del Sordo—remanded in custody at Turin prison in the context of a series of prosecutions and pretrial incarcerations against NO TAV resisters—has written the following letter (30/6) concerning the aforementioned appeal trial in Greece that also implicated him:


On December 6th, 2008, in the neighbourhood of Exarchia in Athens, an infamous cop assassinated Alexis Grigoropoulos. Following such an infamy, throughout Greece, attacks were carried out against structures and people who wield Power. Street battles, ATMs uprooted, bank branches set on fire and police stations assaulted.

Exactly one year after his assassination, on December 5th, 2009, a few steps from the place where he was murdered, a spontaneous rally was repeatedly charged by anti-riot motorized units, the Delta corps, funded by the European Union and trained by Italian instructors.

That night, the raid of motorcyclist cops penetrated deep into the demonstration, managing to disperse most of the comrades, who fell back to the occupied Polytechnic, within a short distance. Those who failed to go back in the Polytechnic ended up encircled in the takedowns and sweeps of Delta cops.

Despite being arrested that day with four other Italian comrades, among a dozen of detainees, along with Greek comrades and Albanian boys (including two minors), I had the best time in the world. Unfortunately it’s not every day you get to throw cops off their bikes and help them land on the nose.

For these incidents the first-instance court imposed sentences of 5 to 6 years’ imprisonment. The appeal trial is set for June 28th, and certainly similar (suspended) sentences will be given. A story of routine repression added to so many others that have over the years affected and continue to affect comrades anywhere in the world.

How can we not think here, in Italy, from the media maxi-operations of the Special Operations Group (ROS), with the inquiry ‘boldness’ last in chronological order, to the convictions for street battles in Rome on October 15th, 2011, passing to the convictions in relation to the G8 summit in Genoa in 2001, which could become definitive on July 13th, 2012, or to the trial concerning the clashes in the Susa Valley last summer that will start soon?

The state play is always the same. In the judiciary’s intent, the high sentences serve as a warning, in part for punishing the enemy within that continues to disturb the social peace of the rich, in part for discouraging the indecisive, the least aware of the fact that the state order can be wiped out. Terrorizing in order to continue to govern is not only a paradigm of Machiavellian memory, but the modus operandi of Power. And the more fear will be spread, the more uncertainty will be instilled in our daily lives, the longer this state of affairs will persist. (Sorry for the polished Italian; I’ve been doing a lot of reading in the cage.)

But who is afraid of whom? Those who defend the landowners’ property are well aware of the potential that lies in the intensification of social conflict. Clashing with state troops, carrying out the sabotage on commercial and energy flows that maintain this society, acting directly against people and structures of Power are practices that will always make part of the theoretical and practical luggage of the exploited everywhere. And as we often say, if these practices should be generalized, they could hardly be reabsorbed.

In the meantime, however, it is of critical importance that the practice of direct action increases in quantity, quality and intensity. This is the very least we can do for our comrades that are sequestered, for now, in the State’s cages. It goes without saying that as many years in prison that might be stuck to us, as many of us that might be arrested, we will continue to lean the head over only to smash skull.

I take the opportunity from these lines to send my solidarity and my complicity to all the comrades searched, investigated and incarcerated in this latest wave of repression. Let’s hold strong and fight for permanent social conflict, for insurrection, for anarchy.


To write to him:
Alessio Del Sordo, c.c. via Pianezza 300, IT-10151 Torino

Turin, Italy: Struggle for dignity in the CIE immigration detention centre

On April 21st, tension broke out once again at the CIE (Centre of Identification and Expulsion) on Brunelleschi Street in Turin. At dawn, a migrant requested to be repatriated immediately, as soon as he learned that his father had died, thus he demanded to go back home. The authorities’ negative response triggered a hunger strike, carried out by his fellow inmates in solidarity.

Early in the afternoon, things heated up again, this time because of a question related to cigarettes’ distribution. At about 14.00, as a way of protest, the inmates in the Yellow, Red and Blue wings set fire to mattresses.

In the meantime, nearly 70 people gathered outside the CIE in solidarity with the inmates. Almost in all sections of the detention centre small groups of immigrants were climbing to the roof. Some of them set fire to clothes given by those that were still in the courtyard, while others were throwing plastic bottles filled with water at the cops. After almost two hours, at about 17.30, the inmates of the Yellow wing climbed up the roof and burned mattresses as well. Police responded with tear gases on this occasion, while the men of the Military Red Cross were firing with water cannons.

Inside, there were no head-to-head clashes, but from the outside you could smell the tear gas coming in waves and you could see the water spraying; luckily some of the supporters came up with the idea to throw the anti-acid medicines further away from the bars, to help the inmates resist the tear gas and the smoke. After long clashes, the gathering was transformed into a solidarity demo that first blocked the Monginevro Street and then the Mazzarello Street, which lead to the entrance of the detention centre. The police agents got nervous, started running and pushing the demonstrators, and then called another police bus in their support. Finally, only the inmates of the Yellow wing managed to maintain the resistance on the roof, while the protest march outside was coming to an end and the last firecrackers were already thrown.

At 22.00, four inmates were still on the roof of the Yellow wing, in a blind spot, and denied to come down in order to avoid the punishment of confinement in isolation.

On April 22nd, at 15.00, and after a night on the roof, the four immigrants decided to go back in the Yellow wing and join their fellow inmates. They did not suffer punitive confinement.

source: autistici.org/macerie