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Finland: J11 solidarity action in Pyhäjoki

Activists fighting against Fennovoima’s nuclear power plant project expressed their warm greetings to anarchist and eco-prisoners as part of the international action day June 11th.

You are not alone

You are not forgotten

The passion for freedom is stronger than any prison!

In Finnish | Check out hyökyaalto for updates from Pyhäjoki protest camp


Italy: December 2009 arrestees write about their appeal trial on June 28th in Athens–Greece

Communiqué (29/6) by Italian comrades who were arrested during the December 2009 demonstration in Athens: THE DISTURBERS OF COMMUNAL PEACE

The background On the night of December 6th, 2008, two police officers on patrol in the streets of Exarchia, popular neighbourhood of Athens, shoot to death the 15-year-old Alexis Grigoropoulos. In the following hours, the […]

Italy: More updates regarding the ‘operation boldness’; reports on police raids; all prison addresses

The new Inquisition, anarchists hunting

The witch hunt continues!

Just like the inquisitions once, yet this time the victims are not women suspected of witchcraft but anarchists accused of terrorism, word that is very much in vogue for nearly 12 years.

This time, however, the news we receive upset us somewhat more than usual as […]

Trieste, Italy: On the devastation of the Rosandra valley

This is a poster pasted on the walls of the city and seaport of Trieste, after the intervention of the civil protection department (Protezione Civile) in the Rosandra valley, located in the Karst Plateau —or Carso, a limestone borderline plateau region extending in southwestern Slovenia and northeastern Italy.

On March 24th, 2012, the civil protection volunteers, […]

Greece: Solidarity with the NO TAV movement from Corfu

Solidarity with the NO TAV movement in Italy – Development is not for the peoples but for Mafiosi and bosses

In the evening of April 10th, 2012, an initiative of comrades from social centres/squats on Corfu held a gathering in Georgaki Square in solidarity with the NO TAV movement, including related […]

Italy: Message by the NO TAV activist Luca Abbà from the hospital in Turin

A little over three weeks after the events in Clarea, on Monday, February 27th, it seems appropriate to communicate to all friends and comrades who are close to me a few more precise information regarding the state of my health.

As you already know since a few days my life is out of danger, but even […]

Italy: An anarcho-insurrectionist from Val di Susa…

Lyon, France: Railway sabotage in solidarity with the NO TAV struggle

On Thursday, March 1st, at approximately 13.30, nearly thirty comrades with their faces covered stormed the entrance of the ‘Technicentre’ in Croix-Barret Street in Lyon. The Technicentre is a maintenance facility of the SNCF, the National Corporation of French Railways which also operates the high-speed train (TGV). The building has a direct entrance to the […]

March 1st, 2012 —Day of NO TAV actions across Italy (and beyond)

NO TAV —Highway under evacuation (second round) 1-3/2012 00.42 GMT+1 The assembly ended. The next meeting was scheduled for 18.00pm in Bussoleno.

00.40 News came in the assembly about a NO TAV activist admitted to hospital with a broken leg.

00.27 According to eye-witnesses’ reports in the assembly, cars of NO TAV activists were damaged by Carabinieri.

00.09 […]

From Turin to Lyon… Solidarity with the NO TAV resisters!

On February 29th in Lyon, France, a group of 30 people attacked the Italian consulate with paint bombs and also painted slogans on walls in solidarity with the NO TAV struggle and the activist Luca Abbà.Forza Luca! Liberi tutti!

source /+ read also Solidarity with the NO TAV arrestees


Italy, NO TAV: Too many coincidences…

February 28th has been an extraordinary day of tenacity and determination of the NO TAV movement, and inevitably some were bothered.

At around 23.15 (GMT+1) or shortly after, people at the gathering started running towards the houses opposite the road junction in Chianocco, because someone said that a car parked across the street, which runs alongside […]

Italy: NO TAV resisters continue the blockades, also in response to the fall of comrade Luca Abbà who is still hospitalized in critical condition

February 28th, 2012 _ 21.00 GMT+1 Luca’s health condition update from live radio: logically reserved prognosis; a comrade managed to stay with him for an hour; today they have woken him up a bit; he responded to limb mobility test; moderate optimism; more 2–3 days of alert _

28-2/2012 Antonio Manganelli, chief of Italian […]

Val di Susa, Italy: Clarea mountain hut evicted, authorities’ land expropriation and a comrade hospitalized in extremely serious condition

In the morning of February 27th the eviction and demolition works at the Clarea mountain hut (meeting place of NO TAV resisters in Susa Valley) began along with transport of construction material and authorities’ land expropriation.

At around 8.30am Luca Abbà, a NO TAV activist, climbed an electricity pylon trying to slow down the military-industrial operation. […]