Barcelona, Spain: Boycott and sabotage in the Congrés metro station

Barcelona #F29


Today, Wednesday, February 29th, we went down in the Congrés metro station and we destroyed everything – cameras, ticket vending and validation machines, ticket office and publicity stands.

If the question is why, then we say we have plenty of reasons to attack on TMB (the metropolitan transport system of Barcelona), when they raise the fares and the security guards assault us. We have plenty of reasons to leave the floor full of broken glasses, when in every workday we are obliged to go to work and passively suffer the exploitation.

Even if the majority of the TMB staff abandons the solitaritarian workers and the passengers, let it be clear that we will not give up fighting. We will continue to struggle for a world that we want —a world without the blackmails of capitalism and domination.

We will attack again.

Finally, we also send all our support to the students that took to the streets today with strength, making it clear that they will not allow anyone to take them down.

Forward those who struggle!

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