Athens: Why we crushed fascists in Kallithea on February 24th…

Let’s make every neighbourhood impassable for the fascists

A group of fascists appeared daily for some time now in Kyprou square, in the district of Kallithea, painting slogans on walls, launching attacks on immigrants and protesters; with shaved heads, military boots, swastikas, Nazi symbols in their tattoos… a touring company of dastards nostalgic for the Hitler era.

On February 24th we made our appearance in Kallithea, and found that the scum had grown from 6–7 garbages to a larger group of junk from other neighbourhoods too (Attiki square, Aghios Panteleimonas square). On Friday night, we counted 15–20 fascist thugs gathered on one side of Kyprou square. So, we did the obvious. An equal number of comrades, both women and men, took them by surprise, crushing several of them, while the rest likeminded of them fled in a stampede, like contemporary deserters throwing away their shields, thus leaving behind several from their group bleeding on the ground.

The antifascist action is an integral part of the struggle for a society of equality and solidarity; for a society where there’ll be no room for race and gender discrimination. Until then, it is the duty of all fighters not to give an inch of land, in any neighbourhood, to the accomplices of the regime. And any ‘purebreds’ who attempt ‘sweep operations’ in the squares and the streets should know that antifascist patrols lie in wait in every alley of this city… We will overpass on top of them…

Fascists, we’re not waiting for you… we’re looking for you.

* This action is dedicated to the memory of comrade Nikita Kalin, who was murdered in Russia on February 9th by a group of fascists.


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