Sofia: Solidarity action with the ‘Belgrade Six’

In the freezing night of February 6th, 2012, a group of activists living in Bulgaria gathered outside the Serbian embassy in Sofia and unfolded two solidarity banners, chanting various slogans against political repression, such as ‘In Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia… the banks and the ministers are the enemies’ and ‘Solidarity among people is our weapon against Power’. (A variation of the first slogan in Greek goes: ‘In Greece, Turkey, Macedonia… the banks and ministries are the enemy’.) Also, a statement was read through PA, which was then placed in the mailbox at the entrance, because employees of the embassy refused to accept it.

We remind that the renewed process-farce against the ‘Belgrade Six’ was due to begin on February 8th. From February 6th, international solidarity protests have been called for in front of Serbian embassies across the world.

Solidarity is our weapon!

more photos/videos here