Athens: Pre-trial detention of protesters from February 12th

On February 16th, 2012, only a few days after the unprecedented protests against the second memorandum agreement and the vast riots in Athens and other Greek cities, ‘police sleuths’ under orders of their political superiors — who are obviously in big panic — released photographs and details of protesters (four natives and one immigrant), who were among the arrestees of February 12th in Athens. Furthermore, the cops asked once again other citizens to become willing snitches.

The State also circulated photos from the streets (snapshots from the demo in Athens), asking potential rats to provide anonymous testimonies regarding ‘suspected offenders’. The photos were originally posted on the official website of the Greek police and then republished in various police-affiliated blogs, as well as in most of the filthiest corporate media of deception —the site of the Greek police was down until earlier, allegedly due to another online direct action by Anonymous.

Protesters’ faces are publicly exposed before trial. In other words, and according to the upgraded terror law, they’ve been judged guilty from the outset. Shortly after the release of these photos, new charges were added for the four of them, thus the indictment became unified, and the ‘impartial’ magistrate judge and prosecutor ruled their pre-trial detention.

This does not surprise us. This is another exemplary measure of the system, an attempt to terrorize us all, a blatant manifestation of force by the political-police-judicial-media authorities, in the context of the Modern Greek Junta. Our comrades are detained regardless of ‘incriminating evidence’, because they proved their dignity and took to the streets against the enslavement measures. Our rage is beyond the State’s control. Our comrades will not be left alone. A government lacking completely of any social or even ‘constitutional’ legitimacy, is threatening to take us all down. But the social consensus has collapsed. We are at war.

Immediate release of all arrestees and acquittal of all prosecuted after the nationwide protests! No tolerance to killers in uniform and state mercenaries!

Wildfire and arson for all targets related to Greece (embassies, consulates, etc.) and for all mausoleums of the Capital. Support us now! Act now!

Solidarity is our weapon.