Volos: Wild day and night on February 12th

People gathered outside the University (Tholos) by 5pm. More than 4,500 people started marching and chanting slogans. With a feeling of rage in the air, demonstrators attacked the local offices of the parliamentary party PASOK, smashing all windows. Also, the windows of two central supermarkets (Carrefour and Vassilopoulos) were smashed. The Eurobank on Iasonos Street was smashed and then burnt to the ground. While the bank was burning, there were riots with more than 1,000 people fighting with the cops, and going after them many times.

Meanwhile, many hundreds occupied the local town hall and held a people’s assembly on the first floor. Also, hundreds of people attacked the tax bureau, completely destroying whatever was inside.

There was a fire from the basement of the town hall while lots of people were still inside discussing —obviously an effort of the authorities to sabotage this self-organized effort. While people were destroying the tax office and many others where inside the occupied town hall, in a ‘mysterious’ way smoke started coming out of the basement. Eye-witnesses said that they saw individuals — not part of any demonstrator block — going to the basement of the town hall and then leaving.

Cops from Larissa came in the city of Volos to assist the local pigs, hunting people who entered the University (Department of Architecture) for several hours. When people left the Department of Architecture, they met two police buses on their way. The cops went out and started chasing after the crowd, they detained one of the comrades — whom they released later — and made two others jump in the sea!

There were a total of 26 detentions, 6 of which were turned into arrests. All arrestees will appear before the prosecutor, with the first three (not the underage) standing trial on Thursday morning.


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