São Paulo, Brazil: Building a colourful world

On November 4th, 2011, children painted numerous colours and patterns on all external walls of the building of the Municipal School of Infantile Education Guia Lopes, in the neighborhood of Limão in São Paulo, thus covering up neo-Nazi and racist slogans that had been written there a few weeks earlier (17/10) by fascist scum.

The creative event took place from morning until noon. Other children from nearby areas joined the kindergarten pupils, along with teachers, parents, anarchopunks, graffiti artists and neighbours from the local community.

The video brings together images of this activity and testimonials (in Portuguese) of teachers and people responsible for coordination and administration of this school, and also suggests black and African culture as a year-long theme for the small students.

In a world where many worlds fit… Act against fascism and intolerance!

source: anarcopunk.org