Stockholm, Sweden: “We are the 94%” – Antifascist demonstration

Swedish original:

On the night between December 8th-9th, 2000, a 17-year-old Swedish extreme-rightist got killed in the area Salem in Stockholm, Sweden.

His death became a unifying force for the Swedish “white power”-movement, and in December the following year the fascists held their first Salem March, to honour the boy and to protest against the “hostility against ethnic Swedes”, as they put it. The march has grown into the most important neo-Nazi event, but it is always met by several counter-demonstrations. This year, the Swedish organization “Allt åt alla!” (Everything for everybody!) has issued this call for an anti-Nazi demo on December 10th.

Soundish conspiracy – Noise against the Nazi march
(Note: In Swedish, sound-ish is a word play. The word for sound is “ljud” and the word for Jewish is “judisk”, so the name also sounds like the “Jewish conspiracy”, something the Nazis themselves normally are busy looking for.)

Christmas peace will have to wait a bit. First there will be a day of hatred. On December 10th extreme-rightists from all Nordic countries will be bused to Mynttorget (square) in Gamla stan —the “Old town” in central Stockholm. At the same time, the Nobel Prize party, the Party of the Swedes, the National Democrats and the Association of National Youth will gather outside the parliament for a “manifestation against the hostility towards ethnic Swedes”. With the Swedish Democrats freshly elected into parliament the guts of the Nazis on the street has grown, and their annual demonstration which for ten years has been hidden away in a municipality outside Stockholm, will now be politicized and held in the absolute centre of Stockholm. When Europe finds itself in a difficult economical crisis the Nazis see their opportunity to point out their own scapegoats: Muslims, homosexuals, Jews, adopted children and activists within the trade unions.

They are looking for Jewish conspiracies —we are answering with soundish conspiracies. They want to scare people off the streets —we answer by filling them.

We therefore urge everyone to join the “We are the 94%”-demonstration, since we are the 94% of the population that has not given our voice to the racists (the Swedish Democrats got 6% in the election last year). Now you have to use that voice, raise your voice! We will gather at the statue of Charles XII in the central park of Kungsträdgården (“King’s garden”) on December 10th, at 12.00. After the demo, we will carry out an action of civil disobedience, where everybody is free to take part and take initiative. Spread the word to your friends, come together. Go as close to the cordons as you want and as you feel safe with; if you want to keep some distance, it’s still easy to make sound across the water. Bring whistles, pot lids, bells, vuvuzelas —anything that can drown the voice of the Nazis. Let them stand isolated between the parliament and the royal palace, in the most boring square of Stockholm.

Now it’s sound again! We want to see elves against Nazi scum.* We want to see anarcho-choirs sing Christmas carols, the vuvuzela orchestra of the Syndicalist Youth blow their lungs out, klezmer bands and samba groups drown the Nazi marching drums, agitators against the Brutal Attack (neo-Nazi band), poetry slam, brigades of Tomas Tranströmers and Scum manifests read out loud. Everything that breaks the silence! The Nobel fireworks, Black Boom Block, decadent Weimar cabarets and squeaking folk musicians.

Silence is never a solution —let thousands of bells drown the Nazi hate demonstration!

/ The soundish conspiracy”

Video from last year, when protesters stopped the Swedish Democrats from being able to share out propaganda

* Nu är det ljud igen! Vi vill se nissar mot nassar: In Sweden there is a popular Christmas song called “Nu är det jul igen!” which means “Now it’s Christmas again!” Here it’s changed into “Nu är det ljud igen”, which means “Now it’s sound again”. “Nissar” is the small helpers of Santa Claus while “nassar” is slang for Nazis.

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