Germany: Libertarian Days Dresden >September, 17th–24th, 2011

Like last year, the Libertäre Netzwerk Dresden (Dresden Libertarian Network) along with various initiatives and groups plans to organize a full week of presentations, workshops, discussions, demonstrations, street festivals and much more. That’s why we need your help.

Unlike last time, we want to work in aspect-oriented ways and set thematic priorities, so we hope for a more detailed and thorough debate of specific social, political and philosophical issues. This should also be appealing to people who do not engage in the matters right from the start, and provide them a profound insight into the topics.

Furthermore, we want to combine theoretical with practical. This year we wish to put emphasis on different mechanisms of domination: racism, sexism, speciesism, repression and capitalism. These complexes should be highlighted and criticized in a preliminary manner. On this basis, we then wish to try to engage ourselves in counter- concepts and suggestions.

For this we need your help and legwork. If you can and want to contribute something to the above categories, if you have ideas for much different things, or you wish to support us by other means, contact us at

A broader, binding participation will ensure that such an event looks less like work (yuck!), and also makes it more multilayered and colourful.

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