Thessaloniki: Delta squat threatened with eviction



In late July the Alexandrio Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki publicly announced its intention to offer the building in 13, Egnatia Street for hire, a building which has been occupied for four years.

After years of neglect, this space became through collective processes, from derelict and inaccessible building, a free and social project open to all. Its operation is based on equality and solidarity, against and away from every form of State or private management. Decisions are taken collectively and horizontally, based on our needs, wishes and possibilities.

Liberated spaces and squats are the solution.
The problem is capitalism.

We are going through a period of wild redistribution of social wealth, where the rich are getting fewer and richer and the poor more and poorer. Wanting to carry out their heinous plans, they continue to upgrade their legal and logistical arsenal, within the international planning of bosses. The State acting with the ‘divide and rule’ strategy tries to isolate those who fight and resist, stigmatizing them in order to be able to deal with them easier.

When the squats,
the subversive parts of society
and fighters are attacked,
it’s like they attack us all.

Beyond its immediate effect, repression has an ‘exemplary’ character. Its purpose is to discourage anyone who attempts to resist and to seek radical–realistic solutions for his/her life. For these reasons, class and social solidarity among the oppressed is necessary. There are no individual solutions to collective problems; collective action is the answer.

If we do not unite in a common struggle against oppression,
then we will share a common defeat.