Thessaloniki: Cops raided Orfanotrofio squat

Update, June 17th

Ioannina: A counter-information and solidarity PA’s (microphonics) gathering along with distribution of  flyers took place in the morning of June 17th in the central square of the city regarding the events of yesterday’s repressive operation against Orfanotrofio squat.

Thessaloniki: A demo of solidarity and counter-information was called for Saturday, June 18th, at 12:00 outside Orfanotrofio squat (162, Lambraki Street, Toumba) about yesterday’s police operation and the attempt of the authorities to terrorize society’s radical parts.

We are not intimidated. We are outraged. Solidarity is our weapon!

Update (June 16th): The comrades that were framed inside the squat have been detained; when the cops took them out of the building, the solidaritarians chanted militant slogans. Soon after, clashes followed between comrades and police squads that did not hesitate to hit with their batons upside down while they fired tear gas and sound grenades. A street barricade of garbage bins was erected and some stones were thrown against the cops who have left the location.

Anarchists have re-entered Orfanotrofio squat, but there are still no estimations regarding upcoming developments. It must be said that many neighbours were supportive to the squatters.

The five arrested comrades will appear before the persecutor in the morning of June 17th. A call for a solidarity gathering outside the Courts of Thessaloniki was just announced for 11am tomorrow.

Solidarity banner in Larissa: 'Down your limbs from the squats; down your limbs from Orfanotrofio squat'

June 16th: Ongoing repressive operation against Orfanotrofio (Orphanage) squat in Thessaloniki: The so-called anti-terrorist unit raided the squat while the Greek police holds by force several comrades that were inside the building at the time of the attack.

The official reason announced by the police regarding this search operation have been allegations of drug trafficking inside the squat. Nearly 200 people in solidarity are gathered outside the squat, blocking Lambraki Street and chanting slogans.

The ‘legal’ owner of the building, as in the case of Pikpa squat in Heraklion, Crete, is the Ministry of Health. Beside the continued investigation (also by the persecutor), corporate media already report that an eviction is underway.

The presence of comrades is needed! The squat is located in 162, Lambraki Street, in Toumba, Thessaloniki.