Because nothing stops… even in summer

… financial and economic crisis, loans, memorandum,
unemployment, fascism, racist pogroms,
social cannibalism,
abolishment of labour rights,
wages and pensions cuts,
rents, cost and price increases…

‘— Should we take our sea bucket and move on to another beach?’
‘— I don’t believe so, Takis…’

Summer self-managed hangout [steki]
in the courtyard of VILLA AMALIAS squat

Screenings every Thursday
June 16th: ‘A Weatherproof Man’ by Y.Soldatos, documentary
about the life of Th.Vengos (Greece 2004)
June 23rd: ‘The Good Fight: The Abraham Lincoln Brigade
in the Spanish Civil War’
by the American antifascist volunteers N.Buckner,
M.Dore and S.Sills (USA 1984)

June 30th: Short films
July 7th: ‘Katzelmacher’ by R.W.Fassbinder (Germany 1969);
the Greek neighbour;
racial discrimination and prejudice
against the migrants workers in post-war Germany

Café [kafeneio] every Friday

because nothing stops… even in summer
VILLA AMALIAS 80, Acharnon, and Heyden Str.