Heraklion, Crete: about PIKPA squat eviction, arrests and solidarity actions

Letter from The Heraklion (Crete) anarchists’  assembly about what followed PIKPA squat eviction on February 16th and calling for solidarity actions on March 8th.

Comrades and Friends we greet you,

With this  letter we’d like to inform you about the latest events here in Heraklion, to share with you some current issues that preoccupy us and present some suggestions in relation with solidarity moves.

The fact that the regime targets at the people and spaces that lay the foundations for the existence of broader brewings which will lead to its subversion is not something new. Such efforts have taken place in the past a well, yet we assess that they will be more tense in the future, at the same time with the severe repression we all suffer. Being conscious of the fact that if  we didn’t run up against the invasion in PIKPA (one of the two local squats), we would count with  a negative consignment for our future (and not only for our city), we decided to proceed in a chain of actions.

Among  the  other  results  of  these  actions  we  suffered  the  arrest  of  4  comrades  of  ours (after  a  demonstration  that  made  straight  for  the  squat, several  hours  after  its  evacuation  by  the  state). Two  of  these  comrades  were  accused  of  felonious  acts (and  avoided  the  temporary incarceration  under  the obligation  of  paying  a 40.000  euros’ bail  altogether) and  the  other  two  of  indictable offenses (with a  corresponding  bail  of  6.000  euros  altogether). For  this  reason  we’ve  created  a  solidarity  fund  for  the  arrested  comrades.

Relying  on  the  values  of  solidarity  and  comradeship  amongst  those  who  struggle  against  the  requisitions  of  the  rulers, we  appeal  to  you,  so  that:

1. you  support  the  solidarity  fund  the  way  you  judge (for  example, by  organizing  various  events  and  happenings  for  the  financial  support  of  the  4). This  way  we  ‘ll  be  able  to  live  up  to  the  enormous  judicial  expenses  and  bails  of  the  comrades, especially  concerning  the  46.000 euros’  bails,  which  we  are  to  pay  down  within  15  calendar  days  from  the  moment  of  the  judgment  that  will  follow  our  lodge  of  appeal  against  the  size  of  this  huge  sum (the  lawyer  lodged  the  appeal  in  1/3/11  and  the  sum  could  potentially  be  diminished). The  collected  money    will  be  sent  to  bank  accounts  that  will  be  sent  to  you  within  the  forthcoming  days, after  a  communication  among  us  takes  place  for  this  specific  issue. Please  give  us  an  immediate  answer  by  sending  it  to  saher@espiv.net, concerning  if  you  can  financially  contribute  or  organize  some  event.

2. you  participate with  some  action  and  by  any  means  you  judge  as  necessary, in  the  Action  Day  for  Solidarity  with  the  4, which  we  decided  to  be  in  8/3.

Solidarity  is  our  weapon

From  Heraklion  of  Crete – Greece,

The  Heraklion  anarchists’  assembly