Volos (central Greece): Whacked by DIAS police squad

The thugs of DIAS hit again. Their everyday provocative behaviour and the hassles towards civilians and especially motorbike riders were not enough for them, so they made a step beyond.

On Tuesday’s night, 2 November, in the city of Volos, a 17 year-old boy riding his friend’s bike without a license and a helmet, was unlucky enough to run into a DIAS squad. Being afraid of his not having the required papers, he didn’t stop and the cops went after him on 2 bikes (=4 bastards). When after a while they managed to reach him, they obviously thought it was the right time for… gymnastics.

They started right away kicking, punching and beating him with the helmet, on his head, hands and feet, and after applying the handcuffs, they drove him to the police station where a second whacking followed.  They let him go at about 23.30 at night, but he was so shocked that he didn’t go to the hospital. When, the next morning his parents took him there, the doctors told him that apart from having some slight wounds, he should soon go on a surgery because there was a danger of losing his hearing. His parents sued the cop, but they denied the whacking (!!!) saying that the boy fell of the bike while trying to evade control, adding that there happen a lot of thefts in the specific area where the incident took place.

Apart from this incident, we learned on Friday night about another DIAS whack.  There is a quiet park a short before the city’s center, which Roma people often use as a shelter. One day, a resident there was obviously… very annoyed when he saw a Roma throwing the garbage so he called the cops. After a while, cops arrived on one patrol car, three bikes, and a jeep of the O.P.K.E. (crime repression squad). We all can imagine what happened next…

We don’t know what happened after the whacking, but we can surely say one thing: Our city is small, and our memory is strong.