French Supermarket Carrefour blockades in Athens in solidarity with the revolt in France

At 1 o’clock this afternoon, Saturday, November 6th, approximately one hundred anarchists blockaded the front entrances of one of the largest french -owned Carrefour supermarkets, for nearly two hours, here in Athens, Greece. With large banners declaring solidarity with those revolting in France, the group prevented shoppers from entering the franchise Carrefour, while distributed flyers and texts outlining the struggle that emerged in France over two weeks, causing major economic disruptions through massive blockades and strikes, as well as rioting and sabotage. The texts were distributed inside the store and to the workers as well.  Shoppers were not allowed to enter the Carrefour and the group maintained a presence outside the doors, chanting “Solidarity is people’s weapon, make war to the war of the bosses”.In front of banners that read “Strike, Blockade, Sabotage- Resistance Everywhere!” and “Solidarity for those who revolt in France, “anarchists had conversations with passerby and potential shoppers, many of whom expressed their agreement with the action. Afterwards, the anarchists together marched through a nearby street market, chanting anti-capitalist slogans and distributing more information. There they were greeted warmly and with smiles. (In France, during the general strike, there were scattered reports about similar blockades of Carrefour supermarkets happening in order to contribute to the economic blockade there, as well as a re-appropriation action where a carrefour was looted and the products were distributed in a workers march.)

Inspired by the revolt that began to emerge in October in France, anarchists in Athens decided to make an event of solidarity while contributing, in any small way, to a disruption of French economy. This comes in the context where Greece’s socialist government is passing austerity measures and one out of three youth are unemployed while prices are soaring.  However, anarchists are not calling for a reformed capitalist economy or a more sensitive government, but a total destruction of the system, from Greece to France, and, always, through solidarity within the struggle.